10 Exceptional Baby Shower Gift Giving Ideas

Choosing just the right baby shower gift can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, a brand-new baby is being born into the world and you want to welcome this one, and celebrate the parents, at the same time! While extra diapers and multi-colored pacifiers will never be turned away or underappreciated, you want to be more than simply appreciated, you want your gift to be exceptional!  This list of curated shower gift ideas may inspire you to choose a gift that will resonate with love while offering needed assistance in those crucial moments when a new life joins the family.

1-Baby Rest Sound Machine – This incredible item proves that technology has caught up with brand-new parenthood. Fully controlled by your phone, the machine combines a number of features including sounds which create a womb-like feeling of comfort, a nightlight, and a wake up ‘alert.’ The new parents can control the brightness, volume levels, sound choices, and color. They can easily adapt baby to the family’s sleep schedule, and mom and dad never have to walk inside the room to make needed adjustments which can wake baby and require the wind down process to start all over again!

2-New Mom Gift Wine Labels – Admittedly, this one is more for mom than it is for baby, but a happy mommy makes for a happy baby! Choose from a variety of labels that read “Goodbye Baby Weight,” “Baby Slept Through the Night,” and “Public Temper Tantrum” in addition to others, then customize them with mom’s first name and baby’s birth year, add favorite colors and background. Then attach them to mom’s favorite wine bottles and voila, instant baby shower hit.

3-Grocery Delivery Service – With a new baby, the first year is always the hardest. But the first month is without a doubt, the longest, most stressful and sleep deprived time the parents will ever know. There’s rarely any sleeping or showering, let alone time to get out to the grocery store for food. Give the new parents a month or two of home grocery delivery service to help them feel at least, partially, human.

4-Customizable Visa Gift Card There are numerous reasons why this gift is exceptional. First, it’s money. The new parents can spend it on virtually anything they desire at millions of retailers around the globe. Secondly, they will delight at its customization. You can upload a special photo to be printed on the Visa gift card and add a congratulatory heartfelt text message to welcome the little one into the family.

5-Baby Stroller Organizer Baby strollers are great for strolling babies, but what about all the other stuff that needs to go along with baby and mom on their outing? An organizer will expand the space provided for items such as snacks, water bottles, pacifiers, toys, diapers, wipes, and even cell phones and wallets. 

6-Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit Parents don’t often consider that having the baby is just the initial and crucial first step in the birthing process. A woman’s body goes through a host of changes before and after the birth. This recovery essentials kit will help the new mom feel at ease with the post-partum process by relieving discomfort and promoting healing.

7-Baby Bottle Warmer Better than a microwave and speedier than the stove, the baby bottle warmer can warm 4 oz. of milk in just 3 minutes. It can also defrost baby food and breast milk and it fits conveniently on a nightstand, so mom or dad can attend to baby while the milk warms up.

8-A Smart Baby Monitor The smart baby monitor allows parents to check in on baby right from their cell phone. This technological wonder tracks baby’s sleep cycle and provides good sleep guidance. The new parents will get real-time motion and sound notifications, along with the ability to monitor humidity and temperature in the room to ensure baby’s maximum comfort levels.

9-Baby Diaper Caddy Different from a diaper bag, a baby diaper caddy provides ample storage for diapers, powder, wipes, ointments, and just about anything else the new parents will want to safely store in the same location, on the changing table with easy accessibility. 

10-Home-to-Hospital Box When mom and dad rush off to the hospital to patiently await baby’s arrival, send them along in style and softness with this box that’s filled with new mom little luxuries. Included are a nursing-friendly organic bamboo nightgown, matching robe, the softest socks, a large water bottle for the task ahead, little treats for energy, a nursing friendly tee shirt and a pair of organic bamboo briefs that provide full coverage with no labels or elastic to touch her skin. 

As one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life, anticipating a newborn baby’s arrival can be filled with anxiety, joy, hope, and sometimes a bit of fear. Help calm their nerves with a baby shower gift that helps mom and dad feel comfortable, and exceptionally well loved!


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