10 Movies with a Life Lesson you Must Watch 2022

Typically considered a source of entertainment, movies are also inspirational. They hold the power to make viewers think outside the box, question themselves, and reconsider their past or future! Movies are also known to reawaken the kid which lives inside us and has forgotten somewhere along the way. 

The below-listed movies are inspirational in their way and help shine a bright light on life for us to learn from:

Rise of the Guardians: Belief in yourself.

The movie covers the main concepts of faith and fear. It touches upon stinging questions such as Who am I? Am I the best I can be? What do I want to be? How can I change the way I am to be the best? The movie talks about accepting and believing in yourself and helps in replenishing faith in yourself and understanding the way everything has been linked together.

The Peaceful Warrior: The power of self-discovery

This movie has been based on a book and revolves around Dan, a student who is blessed in life. He goes to one of the top-ranked schools, has the looks and talent to match, is a ladies’ man, and is popular to boot. However, he is unhappy in life, comes across as being deeply troubled, and even has trouble falling asleep at night. His life changes when he meets a guide who begins Dan’s journey towards self-discovery.

August Rush: Keep the faith.

The following quote perfectly summarizes the movie:

“All you have to do is to open yourself up….and listen.”

The movie revolves around the concept of acknowledging all, which has been given to you, and focusing on and coming back to yourself, focusing on the Universe and the sources of life. There is a very gentle touch of love, music, fulfillment all through the movie and the message is deep while bringing light to the Soul of the viewer.

The Ultimate Gift: Have a dream.

In case you are at a point where nothing is exciting anymore, you need to lose it all to come to your senses and realize the importance of blessings and sharing them with those around you. This is the main concept in the movie and has been amazingly portrayed.

The Ramen Girl: Live your own life.

A gripping story about individuality and life: focus on and pour everything into your tasks. Own up to your past, your present as well as your future. The movie is about not hiding who you are, accepting it, and showing it off proudly.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Take action.

Based on a true story, this inspiring movie follows a father-son duo as they canvass life and everything it brings. The movie teaches important lessons about where a person is stuck, how they can move on from these blockages and help those who are dependent upon them.

Life of Pi: Be humble.

A very simple plot: a boy on a boat with his tiger. How did he survive? Is the tiger a manifestation of his traits such as ego? In many instances, the movie will make you sit back and reflect on life. The movie has been supported by beautiful music and breathtaking views.

Grace of Monaco: Stay strong.

This movie teaches us all about being individual and standing up for ourselves. The main character realizes that even after slaving away one’s desires after others, no one is happy and therefore one needs to live for themselves!

Bruce Almighty: Not all things are meant or good for you

A comedy starring Jim Carrey where he is invited to become God in response to his complaint that God is not doing a good job. This amount of power results in some very wholesome lessons along the way.

The Secret: A mind is a powerful tool

Based on a book by the same name, the self-help film is aimed at positive thinking and the power in the law of attraction. This book and movie took the world by storm: it makes one realize that the power to be happy and attract happier things lies within a person themselves and one can attract what they want to themselves.


Movies are a great source of learning and entertainment. They teach us a lot about life from many different perspectives, especially movies like these that have hardcore life lessons hidden in them.

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