10 trendy Forevermark cabinet styles and colors to try at home

Whether you prefer a modern kitchen style or a classic look, the right cabinet design and color can change the game for you. A trendy door design and a catchy color are all you need for your kitchen remodel. But that is not it- try to bring a new texture to your cooking area. Forevermark cabinets, for instance, are an excellent choice in terms of quality and design. 

If you are looking for the latest cabinet ideas and colors, this blog post is for you. Regardless of your kitchen size and shape, these ideas will fit perfectly at your place. Also, it will work well if you have open kitchen space. So, here are the ten trendiest styles and colors you should try in your home:

  1. Add bright pink or sage green
  2. Go for a sleek handleless style
  3. Maximum storage cabinets
  4. Opt for a kitchen island
  5. Pick a curved layout
  6. Shaker-style Forevermark cabinets
  7. Try the modern pantry look
  8. Create colorful shelving
  9. Use vertical space
  10. Go for solid wood cabinetry
  • Add bright pink or sage green:

Whatever door design you select, the next thing you choose is the color of your kitchen cabinets. Nowadays, you can go for bright colors like pink or sage green at ease. Moreover, shades like these look fresh and unique in your current kitchen. Also, bright colors usually bring light factors and go well with any cabinet style.

  • Go for a sleek handleless style:

A sleek and high-gloss look is all you need for a definite modern kitchen space. If you want to skip the idea of hardware, choose a handleless cabinet style. This design is there in recent kitchen outlooks. In the same way, it is the best style to adopt for open kitchen areas or galley kitchens. It is stylish, trendy, and practical as well.

  • Maximum storage cabinets:

Well, style does not mean to compromise on storage space. Keep in mind that maximum storage cabinets are always a good idea. So, if you are unhappy with your existing kitchen, go for more storage space and replace the cabinet doors. As a result, it will completely transform your kitchen outlook. 

  • Opt for a kitchen island:

A cozy kitchen island has been trending for a long now. Although, this idea works for larger kitchen spaces. So, if you have a kitchen big enough to incorporate a kitchen island, go for it. For a more authentic look, opt for a marble island on all four sides. In this way, you can create a subtle focal point for your cooking area.

  • Pick a curved layout:

Who says you only have straight edges? Curved edges, on the other hand, also look fabulous in all sorts of kitchen styles. In general, you can pick any standard curved edge for your kitchen countertop. It will soften the overall look of your kitchen layout and give a personal touch to it.

  • Shaker-style Forevermark cabinets:

If you prefer timeless and modest kitchen cabinetry, shaker-style Forevermark cabinets are the ideal choice. It is an elegant light wood feel that can beat all other stylish cabinetries. In addition to visual appeal, shaker cabinets are more spacious and sturdy for regular use. Plus, it fits perfectly in modern and traditional kitchens.

  • Try a modern pantry look:

An open pantry is a practical option for a modern lifestyle. It consists of open shelving, open cabinets, and a long cupboard style. Also, you may choose any wood type and color for these work pantries. You can fix LED bulbs in your kitchen pantry for the sake of aesthetics.

  • Create colorful shelving:

A beautiful display can make your simple kitchen look adorable. In this case, you should play with colors and uniquely paint your cabinets. For instance, you may use various colors for each open shelf. Moreover, add some greenery as well.

  • Use vertical space:

If you have more vertical space in your kitchen, go for vertical cabinets. This cabinet style and shape are ideal for high ceiling areas. Typically, it will create a sense of symmetry.

10. Go for solid wood cabinetry:

For a lasting cabinet material, go for a solid wood cabinet style. No style can beat the look of natural wooden texture. So, pick any wood type such as cherry, maple, oak for your kitchen cabinets. Additionally, choose any matte or glossy finish.


Today, there are several unique kitchen cabinet styles and colors trending worldwide. It does not matter what your current location is- you can pick any style and bright color for your kitchen cabinetry. As mentioned earlier, you may choose a pink or green kitchen, curved edges, or sleek handle-less cabinet door designs. Also, shaker-style Forevermark kitchen cabinets are an elegant choice for you. The kitchen design gallery has all that is trending now!


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