13 Indian Restaurants In Europe That Will Ensure A Savory Experience

Indian Restaurants in Europe

1. Sanjha Chulha

Indian Restaurants: Indian dishes can be distinguished by their used ingredients and flavors, which are familiar with Indian cuisine. Sanjha Chulha Restaurant serves some genuine Indian dishes, mouthwatering. The location has a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. The decoration and interior remind you of traditional Indian restaurants.

2. Kebab and Curry

Indian cuisine is renowned for its curries! Every curry has a distinctive flavor and taste. You need to visit Kebab and Curry to get lip-smelling Indian dishes if you are on a vacation in Greece and crave traditional Indian meals. As the name suggests, Indian curries are a must-try here. The decoration is made in an oriental manner that looks very attractive. The employees are warm and friendly.

3. Nirvana Inde

You will feel hungry after a long day spent at the tourist sites and witnessing the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower. We know Nirvan’s India the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for Indian food. This is a great place for genuine Indian cuisine. The food on the pockets is not too high, and the served portion is also very good.

4. Benares Restaurant

Benares Restaurant is a place where a super hospitable and friendly staff provide great service as well as excellent cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is very good and makes you experience fine dining. It’s a smart place with a great display of your food.

5. Masalas Restaurant

You need to go to the Masalas Restaurant if you are in Cyprus and want to eat Indian food. The place is renowned for serving delicious and authentic Indian food. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes in your menu. The décor is enthusiastic and improves the restaurant experience.

6. Chilli Chutney

If you want fantastic food from different cuisines, this restaurant is the right place to go. The restaurant of Chilli Chutney is famous for its Indian and European cuisine restaurant. There is a strange atmosphere in the restaurant. The service is fast and in no time you get delicious food.

7. Indigo Indian restaurant

The Indian Indigo Restaurant is an area you certainly won’t if you love Indian cuisine. The whole site is well furnished. The menu also contains free options for lactose and gluten. It’s one of the places that everybody has something to offer. The service is fast and the personnel is friendly. The place also has Hindi music playing in the background. Another great thing. Therefore you can experience India’s real essence here.

8. Indian by Nature

Whether you are an advocate in recognizing Indian dishes, Indians by nature won’t deceive you. The staff here are knowledgeable about what they serve and will gladly recommend dishes according to their wishes. There’s lovable service, quality and all the interiors here. The served portions are good and the price of the food is reasonable.

9. Little India

Little India is famous for its Indian vegetarian food. Dishes are so tempting that you’re going to begin to drool. Non-vegetarian food, which is also delicious, is served here. The food prices are not heavy on the pockets, which means that you can eat to the content of your heart.

10. Dishoom King’s Cross

Specializing in Indian Food Dishoom King’s Cross. Your classic Indian food will be delivered, but with a twist. The decoration inside the place is beautiful and takes all Indian motifs into account. It is quite busy to book beforehand to avoid long queues. The place is very busy.

11. Tower Tandoori Restaurant

Nearly 40 years old this restaurant! The place is known for a long time and the personnel here know the nitty-greenness of the Indian cuisine. There are delicious Indian meals at Tower Tandoori Restaurant for that reason. The spiciness of food can be customised to your liking; mild, medium or hot. With classical decor, the seating area is also great.

12. Chettinad Restaurant

Tamil food is served in the Chettinad restaurant. So you have to try Chettinad Restaurant if you love South Indian cuisine. The décor of the place is Indian and looks very attractive. They have plenty of vegetarian food. In this place, there are even vegan options. It’s a popular place to try South Indian food, so try booking a table beforehand.

13. Dishoom Shoreditch

Indian cuisines with an English twist are served in the Dishoom restaurant. You definitely should come here if you want to have Indian food but want to try something else. The site has a rustic atmosphere. You will love this place if you love Indian street food. Great cocktails and drinks are also available. It’s a popular restaurant so most of the days it’s busy. But this place needs to be tested for the love of Indian food.


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