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15 Useful and Effective Parenting Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

Effective Parenting Tips

Preschoolers are the most curious kids, especially because of their brewing energy and eagerness to know everything. And that’s the reason why managing them can be really difficult, especially when you are trying to cope with your hyperactive kid and their curiosity.

So, let’s have a look at the top fifteen parenting tips that will help you shape your preschoolers in the best manner, without a glitch.  

Enhancing communication skills

communication skills

When you are dealing with the preschoolers, make sure you are giving extra focus on how they are communicating with other kids of their same age group, with the elders and obviously with the teachers. If they are hesitant or feeling nervous in talking with others you have to boost that skill.

Encouraging working in a team

Whenever you are allowing your kids to participate in some work with others, make sure that they are always working in a team. Teach your kid how to value the efforts of each team member and how to cordially work with others without blaming one or the other kid.

Making him/her a good listener

In schools, your kid must listen to what the teachers are saying in order to be responsive. Now, that’s something you have to work upon. Generally, parents go for reading out stories and then asking questions, or making their kids watch TV programs and then asking about what they learned.

Teaching to become independent

Your kid shouldn’t be depending upon you even after they are going to the schools. So, teach them how to become independent, and how to do things on their own. Start from small lessons like going to the toilet on their own or eating with their own hands.

Accompanying your kid in working with the stationeries

Your kid must know how to use various stationeries of the school before they start their session. If they don’t know how to use a pencil, make them learn. Sit with them, and teach them how to color properly. This will help your kids to easily handle the accessories even in schools.

Making him/her learn how to follow instructions

Stubbornness is one of the major problems of the preschoolers because they are quite reluctant in following instructions. Now that’s the thing you need to work upon. You need to teach them that they should follow what the elders are saying in school. If necessary, then be strict with them.

Never succumb to their tantrums and crocodile tears

Children are experts in making you submit to their demands either by blackmailing you or by throwing tantrums. But, as a responsible parent, it’s your duty to ensure that you are not submitting to their demands. If they want a toy and you are not willing to give them, make your statement clear, leaving no room for arguments.

Don’t be too strict

When you are dealing with kids, you need to be very cautious about their temperament. Yes, you have to strict with them in order to teach them the importance of discipline. But in the process, don’t become too strict that your kids start avoiding you, rather than coming to you with their problems.

Do set a proper routine

In order to ensure that your kids are following the proper school routine and doing things accordingly, you need to make them familiar with such time bindings at home also. This way you will ensure that they are doing their works on time.

Understand they are kids and not adults

Well, if you are expecting your kid to do everything like an adult, then you are making a grave mistake. Understand what they are able to do and allow them to do only those things. Don’t expect them to run a car when they don’t even know what an engine is.

Don’t say a ‘no’ to everything

Yes, you need to say no to their foolish demands but not in every case. This will make them believe that you do not love them and that’s why they will ask someone else to fulfill their demands. Say ‘yes’ to things which you think won’t cause any harm to your kid.

Learn how to appreciate them truly

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and one of them is how to appreciate your kids. No matter how much they are achieving, always give compliments to boost their confidence. But also make sure you are not boosting their ego by bragging about them.

Kids learn to differentiate what is good from bad based on how you react to the things they do. When kids mess around, parents often give a discerning look, which is a signal for them to behave. Meanwhile, achievements are rewarded with praise or small tokens like an extra serving of dessert.

It’s important for kids to feel that their efforts are being recognized by the people around them. Showing that you’re proud of the things they do goes a long way. Apart from praising them, give them something tangible like a custom award ribbon that they can keep as reminder of a job well done.

Be the role model they want

Children always look up to their parent as their role model. So, unless you are becoming a good human being, don’t expect your kid to become one. Kids always walk in the footsteps of their parents. So, be what they want you to be- polite, generous, humble, and respectful.

Create a very strong and emotional connection with your kids

No matter what happens, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to create a strong emotional bond with your kid. This way, they will know that you have their back and will support them.

Don’t give him/her a lot to do at a time

Kids already have a lot on their plate. Don’t put more in it. Understand what they want to do and how much they can take and they only set your expectations from them.


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