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25 Tips for a Better Beach Day With Your Kids

Doting parents always love to adore the time they spend with their little bundle of joys. Weekends are fun days and it means spending lots of time outing together. But taking children to mesmerizing destinations like having a beach day means a lot to them. Children get the chance to feel the infinite sunshine, the mild sea breeze, and the rusty beaches carpeted with white sand. It does not end here as the immense fun waits for them in the serenity of the sea itself. But before taking them to the beach as parents you need to make sure to follow certain parenting tips for toddler taking to the beach because children are moody and are nagging at times. Therefore, parents should mindfully pack everything so that it can be of great help. While outing on the beach with your toddler one must follow the below listed top 25 hacks to make the trip easy and memorable one.

  • Pack the umbrella or tent for the beach:

As you will spend, some extended hours with the toddler on the beach so do not forget to carry the beach umbrella or the tent. As you know that toddlers are likely to take a nap at intervals, so this particular thing would be a great savior. 

  • Hand umbrella is must for a beach day:

You can never predict the weather, so it is always better to carry the hand umbrella as well. Your toddlers could be on the beach and all of a sudden, it starts to rain. So no need to worry as the rain umbrella will both protect the kids and also let them play on the sand. 

  • Always carry the sunscreen with you:

Yes, it is also necessary to apply sunscreen on the toddlers before exposing them to the direct sun on the beach. The best would be that if you apply a generous amount on the open parts of the body. 

  • Reapplying sunscreen:

The next thing that you should always keep in mind is that reapply sunscreen at a proper interval. And for that keep a note on the timing like the first time you applied and keep the tracker on so that you can calculate and apply that once more. 

  • Take the chair for sitting:

Although you are excited to catch up the fun in the midst of all these don’t forget to have the chair. Definitely, you will love lying on the sand with your kid, but still, you have to rest on the chair also to give yourself a break. 

  • Carry frozen water bottles from home 

If you are visiting the beach with kids during the summertime, then make sure that you carry the frozen water bottles with you. Just keep those bottles inside the car and grab it anytime you want. 

  • Try not to go to the beach in the afternoon:

 The first tip for parents is that never land up on the beach with your toddlers during the time of afternoon because it is the time of the day when the sun is at its zenith. Therefore, the impact of Ultraviolet rays is also more. Hence, it may turn out harmful for the little ones and you as well. So make a plan from beforehand so that you can start either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 

  • Towels are must:

Just like all other things you carry, towels are one of the necessary items that you should carry with you. Make sure that you get a Turkish towel because it is very soft and good to pamper the delicate skin of your little one. The best part about the towel is that it is quite lighter in weight as well. 

  • Take pocketed tote bags 

When you are traveling to the beach with kids make sure that you have the necessary items for him or her. In that case, you can select the tote bag as the best carrier. Make sure that it should have enough pockets inside so that you can pile up the items as per requirement. Like the outer pockets, you can use for securing the daily used items. While the inner pockets can be used for storing medicines, phones, keys, etc. 

  • A separate towel bag:

If you do not want to mess up things together, then just be sure that you use a separate bag especially for storing the towels only so that you can take it out anytime in an instant. 

  • The plastic trash bag is a must:

It is natural that when you are there on the beach with your kids, they are likely to spoil the beach with lots of stuff like papers, chocolate wrappers. Instead of littering, that on the beach makes sure to collect them and put in a separate plastic trash bag for easy disposal. 

  • Take the baby powder:

As you know that the kids would be playing all day round on the beach so it’s natural that sand will stick to their feet and hand. So take the baby powder and just dab that on the feet and hands to get rid of the sand granules. 

  • Water bottles for babies:

Water bottles for babies are necessary because it will give them the freedom to drink with ease. If required you can carry feeding bottles as well because some of the toddlers are so used to it and cannot do without it.

  • Wooden stick for supporting the sand tent or umbrella:

Remember that it is not only a tent or the beach umbrellas that you have to carry make sure to pack the wooden stick as well. This is because it will secure the tent or umbrella on the sand preventing it from blowing away or letting you expose to the sun. 

  • Do not forget to take the diaper:

Most of the toddlers are in the habit of wearing diapers. Therefore, it becomes important that you get something, which would have enough stretch-ability. The sides are flexible and easy. Moreover, there should be a leaky guard to keep the messes in place. Moreover, check the absorbency of the diaper so that it does not become heavier. 

  • Extra clothes:

This is one of the most important beach tips for kids because whenever you are on the beach do not ever forget to carry extra clothes for the toddlers. If you have sibling toddler then take two separate bags and pack their clothes separately. In the meantime, you should not forget packing the undergarments as well because you will require this often.

  • Proper foods:

Obviously, you have to be quite eyeful while sorting the foods. This is because the toddlers won’t eat the foods meant for elders. So you need to keep some healthy snacks options as well as fruits. In the midst of all these, don’t forget to take the specially prepared lunch for the toddlers. 

  • The swim diaper is essential:

As you have a toddler so, naturally, you have properly trained him or her with adequate training while doing potty. But while on the beach the best feasible option would be to allow swim diaper on your toddler. In that case, note that you can also get the diaper designed beach pants so that you need not worry about potty while your kid is in the water. 

  • Snacks for sandy beaches

Most of the time mothers get confused about what are the snacks to carry for the kids. In that case, you should take something, which would be easily washable and hassle-free to carry. Like you can have the blueberries grapes, strawberries and many more. 

  • Pack the snacks separately:

If you don’t want your snacks to get mixed up creating a mess inside the tote you are carrying. Then avoid piling them in one section instead take separate pouches for the snacks and seal them properly. For convenience, you can also label the pouches with the snack’s name. 

  • Bring some extra foods:

Well as a mother, you are aware of your toddler’s daily intake. But remember while you are outside especially on the beach kids engage more into play, therefore, you need to be prepared with more foods so that you can offer them when hungry. 

  • Hand sanitizer:

When you pack makes sure to put the hand sanitizer in the right place because you will need this often when on the beach to get your hands off the dirt. 

  • Drinking water:

You can consider this as the essential parenting tips for toddlers at the beach because you need to carry plenty of drinking water especially when you have toddlers. They need to be fed with water often to keep their body hydrated.

  • Pack some fresh fruit juices:

If you find carrying fruits a bit difficulty, you can pack some fresh fruit juices as well. You can pick anything that your toddler is fond of having. 

  • Toys to play :

Well in the midst all the packings, do not forget about the toys. This is because it is essential for toddlers. Now there is no hard and fast rule with the toys. You can pick anything that your child plays mostly. For playing on the beach, you can pick some beach-related essentials as well. 

  • Take a mini inflatable pool:

You can place the inflatable pool outside the tent. This will give amazing fun because kids can play at the mini pool with their toys. Moreover, they will get the sun at the same time and you can relax for a while. 

Thus, these are a few essential parenting tips for toddlers at the beach


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