3 Pros and Cons of Living in Beverly Hills

When it comes to top places to live, it doesn’t get much more glamorous than Beverly Hills, California. The city has a worldwide reputation for fame, fortune, and fashion, making it a magnet for tourists and residents.

Its convenient location just outside of Hollywood attracts celebrities, but more and more “average” people are making the move here, too. If you can afford the high cost of living, Beverly Hills has plenty to offer in return.

From luxury stores on Rodeo Drive to breathtaking natural views, it’s easy to see why property here is in demand. Before you make the hefty investment, consider these pros and cons of living in “The Hills.” 

1. The Area is Clean and (Relatively) Safe

Finding a clean place where you can confidently raise your kids and expect to be safe from crime is not always easy. Living in Beverly Hills gives you these factors and more.

The public school system here is average or above compared to the rest of the country. As with everywhere, it depends on the school, so if this is important to you, check the district’s boundaries before buying a house.

Since there are so many high-ranking residents, property is usually maintained from professional landscapers. The police force in the area is top notch, and violent crime rates are extremely low.

However, this con is that the celebrity element draws people without good intentions to Beverly Hills. Property crime is high, with 52 out of 1,000 people becoming a victim to burglary or home invasion. As long as you have a security system in your house, you can deter most criminals.

2. Beverly Hills is Green-Friendly

Interested in doing your part to help the environment? Beverly Hills has everything you need to go green.

The city’s recycling program makes it convenient to get rid of your trash without a hassle. Everything goes in one garbage can, and the city workers sort it all. Anything that’s compost or recyclable is sent on to the appropriate center, where it is reused accordingly.

Almost everywhere you go is pedestrian-friendly. This is advantageous if you’re trying to avoid the rising price of fuel and the statistically high car accident rate in Beverly Hills. With 400 accidents per square mile annually, the city keeps its personal injury attorneys busy. 

If that doesn’t sound like a lot of crashes to you, keep in mind that Los Angeles (one of the busiest cities in the world) has just over 200 accidents per square mile each year. 

Part of the reason for this high accident rate is the prevalence of celebrity gawkers, people trying to spot their favorite star or take pictures of anything belonging to someone famous. You can avoid these “rubber-neckers” and reduce environmental damage by walking or biking.

3. You Get to Live in Beverly Hills

Let’s face it. There’s simply a thrill that comes from having the 90210 zip code attached to your name.

If you enjoy the perks of upscale living and impressing others, a home in Beverly Hills does the trick. 

Retailers in the area are always striving to be better than everywhere else, so you’ll have plenty of variety in shopping and restaurants to choose from. The city is expected to maintain all public spaces to five-star plus quality.

Since everything is close by, you have fast access to downtown, shopping, clubs, the beaches, Hollywood, and other popular spots.

There’s a big financial drawback to living in this coveted city. If you can’t really afford the upkeep and taxes to own a home here, it’s easy to get in over your head trying to fake it like you can.

Ironically, you don’t have to be “rich” to own a house in Beverly Hills. The city has a reputation for upper-class living, but the reality is that many residents have inherited property. 

They have a fancy house that they struggle to maintain. It’s not uncommon to see people who spend money they don’t have to make it look like they have it. 

The price tag of a home in Beverly Hills is going to be significantly higher than a similar house elsewhere. To ensure it’s a smart financial decision, be confident you can afford the expense that goes along with this style of living before you move here.


For decades, Beverly Hills, 90210 has been the dream destination for millions of people. While you’re thinking about making it a reality for you, use these pros and cons to guide you to your final decision.


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