3 Reasons Why You Need a Homebuyer’s Survey Before Buying a House


If you want to buy a house, then a homebuyer’s survey is an excellent investment before you go ahead with completion. Often, when viewing properties, it’s not easy to figure out what issues they might be hiding, so hiring a property surveyor can give you peace of mind that you know everything there is to know before you are handed the keys and can move into your new home. While a building survey might be just another expense to add to the costly process of becoming a homeowner, it’s definitely worth getting. Some of the main reasons to have this survey carried out include:

Save Money

There is no denying that investing in RICS surveying on your potential new property has the potential to save you money in the future. A homebuyer survey might pick up on issues that you had no idea existed in the property and may have only gotten worse over time had they been left. With all the information from your buildings surveyors, you can ensure that you are going into the purchase with all the information necessary to start making repairs quickly and avoid serious, expensive problems down the line. Find a House surveyor in Norwich to get started. 

Improve Safety

Not only can some property issues be expensive to fix, but they could also pose a hazard to you and your family. Many issues with houses are happening behind the scenes, where you are unaware of the danger that you are walking into every time you go through the front door. By getting a home buyer’s survey, you can make sure that you’re fully aware of any problems that are or could potentially become dangerous, allowing you to make a more informed decision regarding the purchase, or at least know where to start in terms of renovations and repairs. 


A homebuyer’s survey can bring up issues with the property that neither you nor the seller might have been aware of beforehand. While getting a survey carried out on the property might be an additional expense in the process of buying a house, one of the main benefits is that is can give you more negotiating power with the seller. If a serious issue is found that will cost a lot to rectify, the seller may be willing to reduce their asking price, freeing up more cash for you to have the work carried out once you’re the owner. 

How Much is a Homebuyer’s Survey?

Now that you know how a homebuyer’s survey could benefit you when purchasing a property, how much will you pay for it? In general, a homebuyer’s survey costs an average of £400. You should only have it carried out by a chartered surveying professional; you can find a surveyor on the RICS website. You will pay more if you are buying an older property, or a house you want to conduct significant renovation work on, if a more extensive building survey is necessary. 

If you’re buying a house, you want to know as much as there is to know about it, which is why investing in a homebuyer’s survey is an excellent decision. 

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