3 Tips For Throwing A Memorable Office Party For Your Workers

You probably will never lack a reason to throw a party at work even have the holiday is over. The occasion can be to celebrate the company hitting a milestone, an esteemed employee is retiring, or the staff has performed exceptionally. Whatever the reasons, your workers will consider it an excellent opportunity to relax and unwind. It also will be a way of showing them you care about their wellbeing and strive to build a strong relationship.

Below are three tips on how to throw the best office party possible that your employees will love and talk about for a while.

1:         Two Ingredients for A Memorable Event

according to professional party planner, Liz Taylor, putting together a business party takes a lot of planning. Making the event memorable for all who attend requires considering the lighting and entertainment, with the latter taking much of the budget than the former.

Your workers are highly likely to enjoy participating in the party if the entertainment is on point. A snoozer of an event will have the opposite effect. The entertainment must be supported by the right atmosphere and this requires having the ideal lighting and set up to awe your staff.

2:         Don’t Downplay The Small Things

Patricia Handschiegel, a contributor says that good entertainment is essential, but it is not all that defines an amazing party. She adds that it is best for employers to focus on other details that show the workers that they care but in subtle ways.

For instance, the tablecloths and lines you use and other small touches like the décor and gift bags can be the event’s highlight without you knowing how they made an impression on your employees, buy glow sticks in bulk to add a little fun. Take the time to go over the small details because they could be what gets your employees talking and reminiscing about the office party even after they stopped working for your company.

3:         Feed Everyone

Food is a crucial element that you should never forget when planning a business party. Take the time to evaluate the type of individuals you have working for you. Free food is a crowd-puller for many events. Moreover, people might not be interested in the party if they know they will not be fed.

Mireille Pitre of advises employers to review their budget and ensure it includes different foods for the attendees. Also, it is wise to let your guests know what you be will serving them in advance, especially if you are doing an entire meal. Let them know there will be appetizers and desserts, and if they will be expected to buy drinks on these will also be free.  In short, stating the type of food you will be serving can help the right expectations.


Planning a party for your staff might be the icebreaker the company needs to help the employees feel appreciated and be productive. It also can be an excellent break from work, especially after handling a time-demanding project. We hope that the three suggestions given above will help you plan a memorable office party that goes off without a hitch.



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