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3 Tips When Purchasing Baby Clothes

Baby clothes shopping can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure what to look for or what to buy. But not all baby clothes are created equal, and finding the right ones that fit your baby’s needs and your budget can be time-consuming without the proper tips to follow. This article will give you the three most important tips when purchasing baby clothes so that you have a streamlined experience from start to finish, saving you time and stress!

Start with layering pieces

Layering is one of the best tricks for dressing a baby. Long-sleeved bodysuits or rompers are perfect for layering under sweaters, as they can help protect babies’ sensitive skin from chafing against scratchy materials. They also give baby an extra layer of warmth for those cold snowy or rainy days. Start with a mix of short-sleeved baby boy rompers, which have snaps that make them easy to take on and off, even while your baby is sleeping. While shopping for rompers, also shop for short-sleeved and long-sleeved onesies that you can layer underneath so that they pair well with each other. 

Buy a size up

If you want your baby’s rompers to last through a few growth spurts, it’s important to buy a size up from what she is wearing now. Baby clothes tend to shrink, especially ones made of organic cotton and other natural materials. Because of these shrink rates, be sure that any outfit you purchase will still fit in a few months by buying a size up. The goal is for clothing items to outlast one season so you don’t have to buy new every time your baby grows a little. And besides, there are plenty of benefits to buying an outfit that might be slightly bigger than necessary, such as being able to layer with long sleeves and pants during colder months.

Consider quality over quantity

It might be tempting to grab an armful of clothing for your little one, but resist that urge! It’s better to invest in fewer pieces of high-quality baby clothes than it is to buy a dozen cheap items that fall apart after one wash. While newborns require fewer clothes than older babies, buying high-quality clothes still makes sense. Think things through. Your child will grow out of their newborn clothes quickly, so keep it simple and stick with neutral colors such as white and cream. Instead of trying to guess which colors your kid will like best, opt for items you can mix and match easily over time (such as rompers). As your child grows, they can wear these outfits in different combinations.

It’s hard to go wrong with buying cute baby clothes, but there are a few how-to’s you should follow before purchasing any clothing for your baby. Focus on simple clothing that’s easy to put on and take off and includes durable snaps or buttons so they can last longer than one season. 


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