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4 Common Threats to Your Infant – And How To Avoid Them!

4 Common Threats to Your Infant: The situations become hard when the baby becomes sick. Infants are vulnerable to several problems like common cold, cough, vomiting, fevers, to some others. Babies are also sometimes victims of skin problems like diaper rash or cradle cap.

Though some of them are not so serious, yet some others are warning signs for more serious problems. Detecting the problems in time and taking advice from the Healthcare providers will keep away these problems. Following the Newborn Baby Health Tips, are mandatory in the early years.

Why are infants vulnerable to common threats?

Both premature and full-term babies are more vulnerable to infections because the immune system isn’t that responsive to diseases. Moreover, Premature babies have immune systems that lack antibodies and immunity. Overall, the body doesn’t develop the required resistance for fighting off bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

However, some full-term babies have good potential in their bodies. Besides these issues, infants are more vulnerable than adults to environmental risks because they are constantly growing. Infants breathe in more air, consume more food, as well as drink more water than adults. So, they have less control over the environment than adults.

Signs in infants that signify the child is exposed to health-related threats

Infections in children are very common. If you notice prolonged signs of infections like diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or cramps, fever that lasts about a week or longer, it’s a sign that requires attention. It’s evident that the child’s body is vulnerable to Physical threats.

Again dehydration due to the loss of bodily fluids is a common sign of the illness. Persistent sore throat, ear pain, skin infections, urinary tract problems, Bronchitis, pain in several parts of the body, and flu-like symptoms are sometimes signs that show the child is exposed to serious health-related entities.

Common Threats to Your Infant — Ways To Avoid Them

1. Suffocation and Choking

Choking and suffocation are the major reasons for fatal accidents in infants under one year. According to the centers for Disease Control, this is one of the serious issues that children face every year.

How To Avoid It- Experts of Infant Health Care Tips suggest that for parents, it’s mandatory to check that the Infant crawls around on the floor at the baby level only. Moreover, the small object should be kept away. Especially coins, plastic bags, popped balloons shouldn’t be kept around the child.

Avoidance of toys with buttons, eyes, and other pieces will also keep the child safe. It’s always good to see that the baby is put on the back while sleeping. This will prevent the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome. Sleeping in this position ensures lesser chances of suffocation. It’s advisable by the pediatricians to never sleep with the Infants. Till breastfeeding or cuddling with a baby, it’s fine. But, the child should be kept in the crib alone and away from windows with chords.

2. Slips and falls

Slipping and falling out the major causes of non-fatal injuries in the babies under 12 months. There are several cases of babies who are hurt and vulnerable to fatal conditions due to slips and falls.

How To Avoid It- It is advisable to not leave the baby alone on the sofa, bed, or any other surface. Using safety straps on changing the table will also keep him or her safe from rolling off. You should always pay attention to the steps while carrying your baby. As long as the baby is under 2 years, it’s better to keep away rugs on the floor. Sometimes, you should also place cushions around the crib. To ensure that there are no chances of the babies tripping and hurting their body parts, a non-slip mat on the floor next to the crib is helpful. It’s recommended to use gates on the stairs so that the baby can’t move around.

3. Poisoning

There are dozens of toxic elements in the air and in our houses. Infants are usually attracted to colorful things and this invites the problem. Sometimes the entities surrounding the baby can be attractive but toxic at the same time. There are chances of poisoning that ultimately leads to fatal conditions. Even the smallest amount of the dangerous substance consumption can affect the Infant to a great extent. It reduces metabolism and also defense capacity against the toxins.

How To Avoid It- You should always lock the cabinets and drawers that hold the medications, cleaning products, or potentially harmful materials for keeping away pests and insects. Children usually have the tendency of putting anything in their mouths. The building materials are also sometimes toxic. So, you should be careful about never exposing your child to try out tasting these things.

4. Burns

This is another leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries to infants who are under 2 years. The skin of infants is thinner and is able to burn more.

How To Avoid It- Housefires post danger to the lives of the infants. It’s better to always install the smoke detector in every part of your home to ensure the least chances of fires in your home. Besides, you should not carry hot food or drinks when you are having your baby around you. While using the electrical appliances, always keep in mind to unplug and put away once the task is complete.

We have mentioned the leading cause of threats to the infants. Common Infant and Newborn Problems can be now kept away once you start following the newborn baby health tips. Parents should be a bit more cautious when their child is below 2 years to ensure the overall well being.


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