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4 Ways To Track Your Children In 2022

Are you a parent that constantly worries about the whereabouts of your child? Or, do you feel the need to be cautious in a world filled with crimes? If that’s the case, then we recommend you invest in a GPS device to receive up-to-date information on your kids. 

A GPS tracking device puts the parent/guardian’s mind at peace while allowing the child to have the freedom to explore the world. Once you have a reliable GPS tracker, you can be aware of the exact location of your child, if they are on their way to school, if they are out in the playground, or if they got separated from you in the shopping mall. 

GPS trackers are known for more than simply providing accurate information. They also give quick alerts. These trackers are very easy to carry and can be worn (like watches or bracelets). Most of them are easy to operate for children, and some of the most effective GPS trackers can send out alerts to parents and other caretakers if something goes wrong. 

What Is The Need For A GPS Tracker For Kids? 

You can’t help but worry when you don’t know where your child is. When in front of you, you’ve got nothing to fear. But what about when you cannot see them?

 Parents can let children play and enjoy themselves without worrying about their safety with a GPS tracker. It is possible to regularly monitor your child’s activities even if you are not physically present with them all the time. 

Then, when your kids are old enough to come home alone but still carefree, there is still no need for a parent to panic. In the end, friends can be distracting, but so can strangers. However, the solution to this dateless issue lies with the GPS tracking device.  You can learn more on

We’ll look at the different tracking solutions available and help you determine which one is best for you.

4 Different Ways To Track Your Children This Year 

Today, trackers come in different varieties, and it is almost impossible to compare them and find out which one is better than the other. Your final preference can depend on many factors like your child’s age, how self-dependent they are, and most importantly, if they have a smartphone or not. 

  1. Locator Beacons – A personal locator beacon (PLB) is an electronically transmitting device designed to alert rescuers in the event of a life-threatening emergency in the air, on the water, or in remote areas. Considering that your child does not yet have the freedom to go out alone and ventures only a few yards away from the house, a personal locator beacon should be enough. When your child is out of sight, the beacon will make a sound when you press a button on the remote control. Some models will sound an alarm if your child moves too far away from the remote control. PLBs are compact and easy to use but are ineffective in noisy areas, and the link will be lost if the child moves too far from the remote control. Unfortunately, locator beacons do not have an emergency button. 
  2. Key Rings, Pendants, clip-on and Personal GPS Trackers – If your child is already allowed to go out without you and you’re looking for a light and compact GPS tracker, you can use either of these. These gadgets are simple to conceal. Some models can even make it difficult to remove from its place. They allow you to track your child’s location and even let you set safe zones. Some models have a built-in microphone, whereas some have a large SOS button. However, if your child removes these devices, tracking them becomes useless. 
  3. Smartwatches – In contrast to key-ring trackers, smartwatches are worn on a kid’s wrist, and consequently, they’re probably not going to get taken off as promptly as a knapsack or coat. Smartwatches also offer more features like calling, texting, step tracking, and educational games. It is an advantage as it makes this device interesting for the child. Additionally, smartwatch trackers have an SOS button. A few other models have an underlying sensor to recognize if the kid (or another person) tries to remove the smartwatch. Another benefit of a smartwatch is that your child won’t miss your call even in noisy situations. However, don’t forget that this smartwatch is for your child, and they can’t be entrusted with such intricate devices. These smartwatches need to be water-proof and tough enough to survive some hits and falls. Although that makes it an expensive gadget, it is still one of the best options for tracking. 
  4. Smartphone Applications – If your child is old enough to venture out alone and already uses a smartphone, the best option is to use a smartphone app. They are affordable, convenient, and save you from investing in another device. They are available on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Some apps only offer live GPS tracking, whereas others provide additional features like an SOS button, emergency calls, and quick alerts. They are either totally free or require a monthly/yearly subscription. The free modules might offer limited features. They might also host many advertisements (which can make it difficult in emergencies). These applications are more economical compared to other options. However, apps that are not renowned may have a lot of bugs. In this case, it’s best if you opt for a widely used application. 

As you can see from the information above, there are many ways to track your child using real-time data. The key to selecting the perfect option is understanding your needs and circumstances. Without that understanding, you are likely to invest in the wrong device. Since this is often confusing for parents and guardians, we were mindful in our research. A GPS tracking device designed specifically for a child is more effective. Each tracking device is unique in the features it offers, but remember that all of them serve the same purpose of safeguarding your child.  



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