5 Best Thinkific Alternatives that every course creator needs

Now in this modern era, online resources for students has a great demand. Instead of going outside now, everyone prefers to learn through online platforms. But you need to choose the best platform to get the best knowledge for your required course. Today in this blog, we will discuss Thinkific alternatives for your better knowledge with very affordable prices. Before knowing about alternatives, first, you need to know what is Thinkific and why you need to choose Thinkific alternatives.


Thinkific is one of the best places for both course creators and students. Course creators can easily create, design courses, and sell that course. It is the best e-learning platform with personalized assignments, quizzes, and community forums. Thinkific also has an easy course builder and many different e-commerce and marketing tools like other teaching platforms. But Thinkific is very unique compared to other platforms, highly customizable in creating a course site, and has a flexible feature that can fit each size and style of all business.

The truth is that now this platform is not at all the best platform. It simply prides itself as the topmost online creators, but now every user disagrees with them. Let us know why it happened:

different Flaws are seen in the THINKIFIC platform:

The following are the different flaws now everyone seeing in this Thinkific platform, and these flaws make users to focus on Thinkific alternatives:


compared to some e-learning management Thinkific platforms that do not give chat support to every user.

Technical issues: 

If you observe clearly while using this platform, you may find many technical issues that dull your website.


The pricing plan of the Thinkific platform is much higher than some platforms. They never refund your amount, and the starter plan price of the Thinkific platform is $49, which is very high.

If you have the same issues with the flaws of this platform and are looking for other alternatives of Thinkific to create your own brand course. If yes, this blog will be useful; more to make your search easy without spending more time on google. In this article, you will know about the 5 Best Thinkific Alternatives that every course creator needs

along with pros and cons that can help everyone to decide what fits and is best for you.

FreshLMS is an awesome Thinkific Alternative as it is the topmost platform worldwide. The main goal of FreshLMS is to empower all the creators. So they provide 24/7 support for all their clients to clear all issues fastly. Even when you see prices, they are very affordable compared to other platforms as they provide all plans for a lifetime, and everything is unlimited.

Even the interface is designed to be very easy to understand by everyone. It provides a drag and drop option for everyone to create their own brand course. You can also save lots of time by choosing this platform for teaching, as it takes just 60 minutes to create your course and sell the course. You can even control everything and also have direct connections with audiences. The best part of using this platform is that you do not have any coding knowledge, and you can use this platform without writing any single line of code. You will have fast updates on this platform too. 

Undoubtedly, all these unique features make FreshLMS the number one platform to use, especially to grow faster and easier. Even to earn more.

Pros of FreshLMS:

  • You will get both unlimited courses and students.
  • Its pricing is very affordable as they charge you less for a lifetime span.
  • One of the unique pros is the supporting team. They will guide you and correct you whenever you face any issues.
  • You can have a chance to interact with your audience.
  • As it is a drag and drop, everyone can easily use it.
  • You can earn better compared to other platforms.


TalentLMS is a perfect Thinkific Alternatives.TalentLMS.TalentLMS is one of the configurable cloud-hosted e-learning management systems. It mainly helps and is useful to users for implying all their online seminars, various courses, and some other training programs. It is Built for various businesses, and this platform is perfect for those companies who always provide continuous training for their employees, especially for their employee’s career growth.

Like other LMS solutions, this platform offers perfect course creation tools that can be useful to their requirements during creating courses.


  • User can have a good experience, and the user interface is simple
  • very perfect design for e-learning course
  • you can get a Certification.


  • Tough during course categorization
  • Data analytics on every course is more refined.
  • Drop out of both ratio and course boards.


Kajabi is the best Thinkific Alternative, and it is undoubtedly an all-in-one tool that is presently available in the market for creators and students. They provide you with great support from the beginning of course building to the ending of video hosting. Even it also helps its customers by creating landing pages and funnels.

Kajabi also tries to attract customers by having many features in it. By having lots of features on a single roof, they will never look at multiple places. So they use this strategy more to attract customers. Also, it has given support for mobile applications to control through them. By having all these features, it costs too much compared to other platforms. Even many platforms have the same features but cost less than others, especially when compared to FreshLMS. Kajabi doesn’t provide any access for students or creators to create native certificates for their respective students.


  • Awesome all-in-one tool with a combination of course building and marketing
  • It contains lots of themes and many customization options for its clients.
  • You can even manage your work through Android and iOS mobile apps too.
  • You can rapidly get  your blog and website
  • Huge In-built tools are available to attract all customers, especially for sales pipeline and marketing
  • Friendly and awesome customer support


  • Kajabi Pricing too much high price compared to many e-learning platforms
  • You will not get any support to get your respective native certificate.
  • You will not get support for EU VAT 
  • Poor reporting tools


Teachable is perfect Thinkific Alternatives. Teachable is one of the renowned e-learning management systems with huge features. Teachable gives a free chance to everyone to create their first course through this platform.  Obviously, you need to take a paid version plan to create various courses on this platform. It is the preferable option for beginners, especially those who do not have coding knowledge. 

Not only giving quality courses, but you can also sell e-books, other services through this platform. Using this beautiful platform, you can fastly set up different conferences and workshops. Sometimes it may conduct various events and seminars you can also attend to know more and share your knowledge with others.


  • It is very affordable.
  • You can easily use
  • You will find many advanced features.


  • It does not provide any migration service.
  • Support is not given to free and basic plans.
  • Not only that, it does not give you any call support.


LearnDash is an awesome Thinkific Alternatives. It is a plugin available in WordPress. If you have a WordPress website, you can easily and rapidly implement all those courses and functionalities through the LearnDash platform without taking anything from scratch.

LearnDash is very flexible and easy to create a course, and it undoubtedly provides freedom to all while creating a custom learning management system that can fit both for work and learning.

Pros of LearnDash:

  • Flexible and easy for creating every course.
  • It also provides access to all extra plugins and some features for WordPress
  • It also does single-time payments.
  • Awesome support during payment issues and transactions.
  • It provides course completion Certificates,
  • gives badges, and quizzes

Cons of LearnDash:

  • Poor customer support
  • You obviously need technical knowledge when compared to other e-learning management systems.
  • It sometimes needs external hosting.


If you read the blog, it is very clear that choosing FreshLMS is the best option for all creators and students, especially those who want to gain more knowledge and grow more. 


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