5 Fun Tips To Get Into the Halloween Spirit This Year!


As summer rolls into fall, the air cools, the nights get longer and Halloween becomes something to look forward to. As the ultimate fall holiday, of sorts, Halloween is the time for fun and scary costumes, trick or treating and being spooky. It’s also a great time for family meal deals, such as you might get at your favorite restaurant. 

If you love the idea of Halloween, but you’re unsure of how to get into the spirit of the season, remember that if you’re having fun with it, you’re doing it right. That said, here are five fun tips to get into the Halloween season this year. 

1. Family Meal Deals and Movie Nights

There are loads of great Halloween-themed movies, from the ultra-scary to the silly, from classics like the Halloween series to family-oriented movies like Hotel Transylvania. You can host spook-themed dinner-and-a-movie nights every weekend leading up to the big night of candy collecting.

2. Dress for the Part

Family themed costumes can make for pictures that can go into your family’s album. These days there are so many options for buying costumes or creating them that you’re only limited by your imagination. 

3. Show the Neighborhood Your Spirit

Some people carve some jack-o-lanterns and set them on the porch with candles inside and some hang giant spiders and webs off the side of their homes. Any way that you choose to celebrate the spirit of Halloween doesn’t go unnoticed by your neighbors. It’s a kind of community-building that you can see through October 31st, when you hand out your candy.

On that special, spooky evening, you might consider playing some scary music or sounds to help your trick-or-treaters enjoy the moment more. Some people arrange for jump scares, but use discretion if you’re considering going this route. Lastly, make sure your treats are kid-approved; no apples and no pennies, if you please.

4. Family Meal Deals After a Haunted Tour

Do you have a scary basement? Does someplace in your town, like the local library, host haunted tours? They can be a lot of fun for kids and people of all ages. When you’re staggering slowly around a dark space, sticking your hands into a bowl of ‘guts’ or waiting for the next jump scare, your cortisol levels go up, leaving you feeling exhilarated and probably a little bit hungry. After the tour, bring the group into your kitchen for a jack-o-lantern pizza or several.

5. Go For Evening Walks

Autumn is a wonderful time for evening walks. You can smell the wood smoke coming from houses whose windows are illuminated in bright cozy tones. The closer it gets to Halloween, the more decorations you’ll see around the neighborhood.

Halloween is a celebration of fun during the season of growing darkness. Getting into the spirit of the season is a healthy way to engage with autumn and fend off potential feelings of depression that sometimes come with fall. Halloween parties and trick or treating are things that bring communities together and that’s always a good thing. Papa Johns coupons have a similar effect. Visit an online party store for this year’s coolest costumes and decorations and visit your favorite restaurant’s website for some deliciousness today.

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