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Becoming parents is one of the best feelings anyone can ever experience in their lifetimes. The moment when your baby smiles at you with a toothless grin, you feel to be on cloud nine, soaring with happiness and bliss. But even then, amidst this impeccable happiness, there is always underlying anxiety, brewing tension, and worries about the changes you are going to face. Postpartum anxiety is one of the most concerning factors after you give birth to your baby. The one year which follows the day when your baby was born is one of the toughest times where you need to take care of yourself as well as of your newborn.

So, let’s have a look at the signs that new mothers usually face in postpartum depression.


Feeling sad at times is quite common for every human being, but when the same happens with new mothers, things get concerning, and as a result, attention should be paid to such matters. 

Parenting is definitely not an easy job, but it is the best job for every parent. If you are having the feeling that you need to cry or if you get upset over trivial matters, then do talk with someone, because of this postpartum depression is like a parasite, which goes on feeding off the anxiety and fears till the time you feel like ending the very cause of your mental sufferings.


Being anxious about the baby’s health, the time at which he will sleep or will wake up from the sleep, and other factors is common because that comes with being a mother. But when this anxiousness becomes overboard and leads you down a path of depression and fear, you need to think about it and differentiate between the normal anxiousness and the one which is inducing a suffocation feeling in you. Learn the causes of postpartum anxiousness and then, try to resolve them at the earliest.


Depression is always coupled with unintentional anger and ferocity. When you are suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety, you are likely to become angry faster, and too often. Usually, you become ferocious and start to have some attacking tendencies or self-harm issues. You always have this tendency of yelling at others, or at other kids if they don’t do things correctly, or any other abnormal symptoms.


The moment you get scared just because you had this thought of harming your baby or yourself, you start having intrusive thoughts. It is a sign of postpartum depression and is quite common in the journey of parenting. You start yelling at someone who could never understand the cause of your tears. If your child doesn’t stop crying even if he/she is full of stomach, you start shaking him vigorously, shouting at him to stop crying.


It might be a situation where you can’t cry, can’t express your sufferings or don’t feel like shouting at anyone. You just become numb, not feeling anything or letting your feelings out. These are times when you become numb, you feel empty and just do everything because you feel obligated. Nothing comes out from your heart and that’s a major sign of postpartum parenting depression.


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