5 Reasons Exercise Enthusiasts Are Turning To Ice Therapy

Ice therapy is a healing technique that exposes your body to frigid temperatures for several minutes. It is an effective strategy that has worked for many centuries with tremendous benefits. 

This therapy helps muscles to recover after injury, strenuous exercise, or surgical procedure. Ice reduces blood flow in the affected area for a short period lessening swellings, inflammation, and nerve activity, alleviating pain around tendons, muscles, and joints.

Ice therapy offers numerous benefits ranging from muscle recovery and pain relief. Here are reasons why exercise enthusiasts are turning to ice therapy.

Why Exercise Enthusiasts Are Turning To Ice Therapy

1. Eases Achy Muscles

It is common for muscles to ache after extreme exercises. There is sufficient evidence that ice therapy helps to minimize muscle soreness after exercise.

Ice reduces pain by causing blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow and swellings in the area. Studies show that patients who use ice therapy for sore muscles recover faster than those who don’t. The Donjoy ice machine helps you to get sufficient ice for such purposes.

2. Ice From The Donjoy Ice Machine Improves Workout Recovery

Ice therapy is no secret that athletes use it to train faster and harder. It helps to improve workout recovery by changing how blood and other fluids flow in your body.

When the injured part is exposed to cold temperatures, blood vessels constrict and dilate when removed from the ice. This procedure helps to eliminate post-workout metabolic waste and to increase blood flow, which is essential for quick recovery.

3. Ice Therapy Reduces Stress

Stress and anxiety can be tricky to manage, but you can quickly address them with ice therapy. Ice made by the Donjoy ice machine stimulates the body’s nervous system by producing and infusing beneficial biochemicals such as adrenaline, endorphins, and oxytocin throughout the body.

Releasing the natural anti-anxiety hormones helps to improve mood and minimize stress levels of athletes. Ice therapy boosts the immune system, increases energy, and enables you to feel emotionally and mentally better.

4. Ice Therapy Boosts Circulation

When you take a cold bath, your blood vessels constrict, decreasing blood flow, but when you get out, healing begins. Ice restricts your vessels from pumping blood, but when removed, your body’s natural reaction helps to push blood back very fast, improving circulation.

The natural reaction stipulates healing of the muscles micro-damaged by a strenuous workout. Exercise enthusiasts prefer ice therapy because it gives your blood the vital nutrients and oxygen it requires.

5. It Supports A Healthy Immune System

Your body’s immune system protects you from catching infections and cold viruses. Many individuals opt for vitamins and supplements to support their immune systems but do not realize they can achieve better outcomes by taking an iced bath. A Donjoy ice machine can help you get enough ice for such a bath.

When your body is exposed to cold temperatures, white blood cells responsible for fighting infection tend to circulate much faster. Exposure to cold enables your immune system to produce other infection-fighting warriors, including antibodies and t-cells.


Quick recovery after a workout injury is crucial for many athletes. Ice therapy is among the ancient and most efficient methods to heal naturally. Get sufficient ice for a cold bath from a Donjoy ice machine and enjoy the ultimate luxury.



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