5 Reasons Why an Electric Hybrid Tricycle Is a Great Christmas Gift

What are you getting your favorite loved one this holiday season? While people say Christmas is not about the presents, it always seems like gift-giving turns into a bit of a competition. If you want to win the most treasured gift award this season, consider electric tricycles for adults

While a traditional bicycle is also an excellent option, there is something extraordinary about three-wheeled bikes. For some riders, it is about remembering childhood; for others, it is about a practical way to enjoy feeling the breeze on their faces. There are at least five reasons an electric trike is a great Christmas gift. 

An Appealing Choice for Seniors

A tricycle electric option is a top-notch gift idea for the seniors in your life, especially those with mobility or balance issues. Many seniors stop riding bicycles because they fear falling and injuring themselves. A tricycle removes the fear because the bike is essentially self-balancing. Additionally, with an electric motor attached, the operator doesn’t have to worry about running out of energy or becoming stranded if they keep the battery charged. 

Safety, Balance & Fun

While seniors tend to benefit the most from an adult electric tricycle, they are not the only people that enjoy using the three-wheeled wonder. Trikes are excellent options for anyone with a fear of falling or who has balance problems. The bikes allow for the rider to feel safe and secure.  

However, there is no rule that a tricycle is only for those who really need it. Sometimes, a person just wants a trike because it is fun to ride. 


You can find many tricycle options with walk-through frames, making it easier for riders to mount and exit the bike. Additionally, the seats on many trikes are larger and more comfortable than standard saddles, meaning people with back and hip problems might find riding a tricycle more conducive to their condition and needs.  


Tricycles are large bikes, but the size is one of the many benefits, especially to an avid rider. Trikes often come with baskets attached to the rear, allowing the rider to take trips to the grocery store or run other errands. Because of the size and storage capabilities, the trike is also beneficial to commuters and people looking to take longer day trips. 


While a standard tricycle has many of the above benefits, an electric trike adds one more to the list: range. When using a bike with an electric motor, the rider can go further than they ever thought they could. Many riders feel motivated to stay out longer as well. Therefore, consider an electric tricycle if you have a loved one who needs to add more exercise and activity to their days. 

If you are not sure how your loved one will react to a gift of an electric tricycle, consider taking them with you to select the option that best suits them. Contact a local bike shop to set up a few test rides for your loved one. 


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