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5 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To Organic Pillows And Bedding

You’ve seen organic bedding around. You know that having organic things is good, but you aren’t sure about bedding items. The following are five reasons you should consider making the switch.


Organic bedding is breathable, which prevents you from being too cold or hot. Believe it or not, this issue can make it hard for you or your kids to sleep. It could even make you wake up in the middle of the night. Conventional bedding items are usually made with synthetic materials, and those materials are not breathable at all. This is a good reason to make the switch.

No Formaldehyde

Many conventional bedding items contain chemicals like formaldehyde. This is for various reasons, like making the bedding material look clean or making your bedding items wrinkle-free. While all that may sound good, it’s leaching chemicals while you sleep. You or your kids are getting exposed to harmful chemicals, and you don’t want that. 

Most people don’t know about this, but now that you do, you should see why you should invest in organic kids pillow for your kids along with everything else you need. Naturepedic has a few good options you can check out.

No Heavy Metals

Conventional bedding items usually contain harsh dyes. This is the reason you get such vibrant colors. Most people like that, but the reality is you’re paying a high price for those colors. The dyes used in conventional bedding items may contain heavy metals. The body shouldn’t be exposed to an excess of heavy metals, and yet that might happen if you sleep on bedding filled with heavy metals. Organic bedding uses dyes you’ll be happier with, and that’s another good reason to switch.


When you buy your bedding, you don’t want to find out that it’s not eco-friendly. Sadly, most conventional bedding isn’t eco-friendly. If the material is cotton, then it was most likely grown using pesticides and fungicides. These chemicals leach into the planet and create problems. If the material is synthetic, then a lot of oil was most likely used to make it. Organic cotton is made without any of those chemicals, and it’s biodegradable, which should make you feel good about making this switch.

Long Lasting

Organic bedding is long-lasting, and that has to do with the creation process. Conventional bedding goes through a rigorous process where it’s bleached and treated with various chemicals. This breaks down the fibers a bit, which leads to issues with the fabric given enough time. Organic bedding items aren’t treated as harshly, so the strength of the fibers remains intact, and that means they should last longer. Sure, buying organic options may seem a bit expensive, but it’s a worthy investment in the end.

These are just some reasons you should make the switch. Hopefully, a few of these speak to you and help you decide on which bedding you should choose.


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