5 Simple Ways to Help You Avoid Car Accidents

Whether you are a new driver or have been driving for the past 20 years, road accidents can happen. However, there are certain ways you can avoid them. Reports show that most collisions are due to human behavior. 

So, by concentrating on driving and keeping yourself active, you can prevent accidents on the road. Below are some simple ways that can help you avoid car accidents. 

1. Use Your Indicators Properly

It has been seen that people often use the wrong indicators. Make sure you give the right indicator before turning left or right. It will not only save others from trouble but will also help you safely take the turn. 

However, if you forget to use the indicator or have given the wrong indicator, make sure to slow down to avoid a collision. Most collisions occur because of wrong indicators, and you may have also noticed that while driving your car. 

In case you encounter a collision with another car, you can look for collision repair around you. Timely collision repairs can save you some costs and will be easily adjusted. 

2. Drive Slowly

You may have heard the phrase, “better late than never”. It stands true in every case, no matter how much rush you are in. Keep your vehicle’s speed low, and be patient. Most accidents occur because of over speeding. 

So, make sure that you are going at a slow speed and have a complete understanding of all your surroundings.  

3. Watch for Traffic Lights

Every citizen is obligated to follow traffic lights, and being a responsible citizen, it is your duty to follow traffic lights on every occasion. It has been seen that most people try to dodge the red light when the traffic from the other side is not in heavy flow. 

This results in very severe accidents and can be fatal in some cases. So, make sure to follow all traffic signs and look all around you before you cross the light. 

4. Keep Safe Distance 

Most of the collisions are the result of the unsafe distance between vehicles. Usually, during fog months, roads are blocked, and cars can be collided with each other because of keeping an unsafe distance. 

There is a 3 seconds rule for keeping a safe distance between the vehicles to avoid collisions and severe accidents. The rule says to keep 3-second from the next car for safe driving. 

5. Keep your Car Maintained to Remain Safe

Keeping your car properly maintained will help you avoid accidents and collisions. Make sure to check the brakes, engine, side mirrors, and windscreen of your vehicle so that you won’t be stuck in between the road with your engine jammed. 

It is recommended to get your car serviced every 12 months or so. However, the brakes should be checked after every 6 months. Keep your windscreen and mirrors cleaned to have better visibility in the days of fog and snowfall. 

Keeping these tips in mind will not only save you from accidents but will also save the lives of the ones around you.



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