5 Things Every Woman must know about Colpotest

Pelvic pain, abnormal Pap tests, and heavy periods are some reasons why you need colpotest. This word looks intimidating but the procedure of this test is very simple and determines what is going on in your vagina and also detects cervical cancer at an early age. This is a non-surgical procedure that helps the doctor to look closely at the small tissues inside the vaginal area.

These are the 5 things that every woman should know about the colposcopy:

Colposcopy Gives a Clear View of your Cervix

This test is a great way to examine the cervix with an instrument called a “colposcope”. It has a bright light which makes it easy for a doctor to identify the abnormal cells. If the doctor identifies suspicious areas then he or she may take a biopsy.

This Test is Performed in the Doctor’s Office

This test is similar to having a pelvic exam. The doctor or nurse will insert a speculum into the vagina to separate the walls. Then the colposcope is positioned to the opening of the vagina to see the cervix. The doctor puts a solution of acetic acid on the cervix to identify abnormal cells in the vagina.

Colpotest is recommended after an Abnormal Pap Smear Result

If your results of Pap smear are positive then your doctor will recommend you a colposcopy test. This test can also be recommended when there is a problem with your pelvic exam or maybe you have a positive HPV test.

Do you know what positive HPV (human papillomavirus) means? It means that you are at a high risk of getting a virus that is the reason behind almost all cases of cervical cancer. Colposcopy allows the doctor to diagnose cervical conditions. This includes:

  •       Precancerous change in the cervix
  •       Pain
  •       Abnormal bleeding
  •       Genital warts
  •       Benign polyps (noncancerous)
  •       Inflammation of cervix

Colposcopy has Few Risks

Colposcopy has few risks like bleeding or infection can occur but in rare cases. It doesn’t affect your ability to get pregnant but you should inform your doctor if you are pregnant. With every result, there is a chance of a false result but be sure to visit your doctor and complete all the appointments and testing.

You may bleed if a Biopsy is done

If the doctor takes a biopsy during the test then the cervix will take time to heal and this takes almost a week. After the biopsy, you should not put anything in your vagina like tampons, douching, or having sex during the recovery period.

After colposcopy, you may also have mild discomfort like stinging or burning because of the solution applied by the doctor but it will be temporary so you don’t need to get worried about that.

The colpotest is a great way to detect cervical cancer at a precancerous or early stage. There are about 60% of women whose colposcopy results reveal abnormalities but if you experience the same then don’t panic because your doctor already detected precancerous cells before the cancer develops. 


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