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5 Things You Don’t Want to Forget to Put in Your Hospital Bag

Between prepping the nursery and your numerous doctor’s appointments and stocking up on all those cute onesies you can’t pass up on, there are a lot of items on your to-do list for getting ready for baby. Something that you should put at the top of your list is to pack your hospital bag!

Here’s the thing: the hospital will have a lot of essentials on hand for you. They’ll have diapers, high-quality breast pumps, and pain medication if needed. However, there are other items that you will definitely want to bring with you from home. Here are five of our top must-haves you won’t want to forget to put in your hospital bag!

1. Cozy Baby Blankets

First and foremost, some cozy baby blankets for your little one are a big must. One of the moments you’re probably looking forward to is wrapping up your baby in a blanket and cuddling her until she falls asleep. A high-quality blanket will serve you and your little one well. It can also double as a nursing cover if you’re wanting some privacy when visitors come to meet your little babe.

2. Chargers and an Extension Cord

You would be surprised how far the wall outlets are from your bed, and keeping a charged cell phone for photos and videos of your baby nearby is going to be a must. In addition to bringing along your cell phone charger, bring an extension cord with you so that you can keep your devices close.

3. The Right Sleepwear

Childbirth is no joke, and during your recovery period at the hospital, you’ll be happy to have some comfortable, familiar pajamas to lounge in. Whether it’s a comfy nightgown designed to accommodate breastfeeding or it’s a cozy, cotton two-piece set, bring along your favorite pajamas or loungewear to help you along.

4. A Baby Journal

You don’t want to forget any of the special moments, and making it a habit to record them from the very beginning will be a great way to go. Bring along an empty notebook that you can use as a baby journal. As you add to it over time, it will become one of the most treasured possessions that you can reflect on to remember those special moments with your little one.

5. Photo Op Items

You’ve probably been brainstorming a number of different photos that you want to get once your baby is born. If there are any that you’re wanting to get that require photo op items, be sure to include them in your hospital bag. Whether it’s a board stating their name or a special stuffed animal you’ve been saving for them, you will be happy to have those with you!


There are so many wonderful things to look forward to and to-do list items to check off. Among all of that baby business, make sure you take some time to include all of the essentials in your hospital bag!

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