5 Times you Might Need a Maritime Lawyer

Maritime lawyers are lawyers who specialize in maritime law, which deals with the legal issues surrounding water bodies and ships, including criminal law and insurance issues. 

If you own or operate a watercraft or if you’re connected to water travel or living on the sea, such as working on oil rigs or border areas, you may need the services of one of these specialized lawyers at some point in your life. Here are five situations in which a maritime lawyer might be able to assist you. 

1. You are Injured on a Cruise Ship

If you are injured on a cruise ship, you may be entitled to compensation by the ship authorities. Under maritime law, the cruise crew and owner are liable for injuries that happen while passengers are onboard. 

The level of compensation will depend on the severity of your injury and if it was caused by another passenger or crew member. A maritime lawyer can help you determine what compensation you are entitled to. 

2. You are Injured on a Ferry

If you are injured on board a ferry and the incident is not your fault, the ferry company is required to cover any medical expenses. In most cases, this means they will pay for your treatment, but they may also pay for lost wages if you were unable to work due to your injuries. 

It can be difficult to know who to sue in these types of cases. The best course of action is usually filing an insurance claim against the ship’s insurer. This will enable you to get compensated fairly. There are a few options when it comes to resolving disputes with another boat, which include negotiation or litigation, or mediation. 

3. You have an Insurance Claim Denied

If your insurance company denies your claim, you may need to contact a maritime lawyer. If you think the claim is valid, but the company disagrees, then this is one situation in which a lawyer would be needed. 

This type of case can be seen as an issue of liability. The insurance company needs to show that they have acted responsibly and that the injury or loss was not their responsibility. For this purpose, you will have to visit the law office in your area to take help from maritime lawyers. 

4. You have Questions About Your Rights

It is important to know your rights and responsibilities as a mariner. If you find yourself in one of these below-mentioned situations, you may need legal assistance.

  1. A ship’s machinery has broken down and the vessel cannot be repaired or towed. 
  2. An employer refuses to pay wages or provide an accurate accounting of hours worked. 

5.You have Cargo Damaged Claims

In the event of cargo damage, you may need to speak with a maritime lawyer. Cargo damage claims are handled differently than other types of personal injury or property damage claims because the responsibility for maintaining and inspecting cargo ships is on the owners of the goods rather than the shipping company. 

In order to file a successful claim, you must establish that it was not your fault that the goods were damaged during transit.


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