5 ways to practice effectively after violin lessons

As busy adults, it is a luxury to even find the time to do things outside work. It is even sometimes rare to find time for friends and family. That is why it is a luxury when you find the time to venture out in new things. That is why in everything that we do it is essential to have effective time management.  It is lucky for you if you have found the time to enroll in these kinds of hobbies like enrolling in violin lessons Singapore sessions. This activity would require a good portion of your time and money so you should make sure that you are getting the best out of it or maximizing what you are paying for.

You can only get the best out of this if you actually achieve your goal– learning how to play the violin. However, as I have said, fitting in violin lessons Singapore sessions or similar activities is a luxury. Find ways to effectively learn and practice playing the violin even outside your group or private violin lessons to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, We will help you save time and save money by walking you through 5 ways to practice effectively after violin lessons.

Set up a practice space

The first step to have an effective practice after your violin lessons Singapore session is to set up a space. Train your mind in a setting wherein you are comfortable to practice. Your space would have a direct effect on how well you would be able to retain the information and techniques in your practice. Therefore, it should be organized to help with your concentration. Having a messy surrounding while practicing would certainly not be effective. Whether you are enrolled in group for private violin lessons, make sure that you have the same environment for after practice sessions.

One of the few things you need in your space is a music stand. Having a music stand can help you practice with good or right posture for your violin lesson Singapore practices. And having the right posture does not only help you with playing better but also in preventing possible injuries. It is important to note that when you are practicing it is essential that you are practicing right instead of practicing too often. Practicing in a wrong manner would just be counterproductive. In this also make sure to have your music sheets together and pencil to save time.

Now, do not forget other essentials in your private violin lessons space. You have to have a tuning device to use every time you are about to practice. This can be the classic tuners or in the form of an app. There are various apps available in our smartphones that are very helpful.

Remember your goal

Having a busy schedule and fitting in tasks like this one might get frustrating at times. Therefore, it is helpful to always remember your goals. Do not stir far of the reasons why you started learning and your current goals as a new-learner. If you are focused when you conduct your private violin lessons at home, you can be as efficient and effective as to when there is a teacher present. However, do not forget to have clear and attainable goals. These goals should be realistic as you will just be more frustrated if you cannot achieve them.

Create a routine

Our brain easily recognizes and adjusts to things that are done in a routine. That is why it is helpful if you can stick to one schedule or time or practice. If you are going to do it every day, do it at the same time. If you are going to do it every other day, then you have to be consistent as well. This way, your body will get used to practicing at this routine and there is less chances that you would want to skip,

Be a problem-solver

Practice with the goal to be independent. You do not want to attend violin lessons Singapore sessions for years. Therefore, when you are practicing on your own, try to solve things your way. When there is something that needs improvement, try to face it first before calling your violin teacher. You will learn that along the way, you will be less dependent on your teacher for easy techniques that need mending.

Have fun

Lastly, do not forget to have fun. Do not force yourself into doing things that you are not comfortable with. At the end of the day, one of the reasons you enrolled in violin lessons Singapore is not just to learn something new but also to have fun. Our brain remembers and picks things up easily when we are enjoying it. We also get easily tired when the things that we do are forced and are not something that we want to do. So, remember that it is okay to stop when you are not having fun. It is good to have goals and be competitive. However, do not forget to have fun.

Learn with us.

We can help you look for that new hobby. At Violin Lessons Singapore, we can help you from the beginning and even guide you to be able to learn faster. We offer private violin lessons and group violin lessons Singapore sessions.


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