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50 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent

50 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent: Are you expecting your first child? Are you confused about how to pacify a wailing baby? Don’t you know how to sleep peacefully despite having twins? Are you scared of your child’s ignorant behavior? Are you confused about what to do on a holiday trip?

Bring parents is not easy, and that’s clear. You just don’t shape your kid, rather you form a human; you create a person who in the future will have a contribution to society. Parenting is one of the toughest or better put, the toughest job one can get. At a time, you become a doctor, a chef, a teacher, an engineer, architecture, an event planner, and so many other things just for your child. No matter what’s the age, parenting a baby or a kid will always put you in a dilemma if you don’t know the tips and tricks of the same.

So, for all those confused parents out there, here are the fifty easiest ways of parenting your kid and becoming the best parent ever.

  1. Allow your kid to fly high

Don’t clip his/her wings and put a barricade in the path of achieving the dreams. Let them fly high in the sky, and experience what it feels to be a free bird who is set to achieve its goals.

  1. Don’t correct every wrongdoing

If you go on correcting your kid’s every mistake, he/she will develop the habit of depending on your judgment. Allow him/her to realize where they went wrong, be it in their studies or in their actions.

  1. It’s a discipline, not punishment

Don’t confuse between discipline and punishment. Don’t punish your kid every now and then, even for the silly mistakes. Set strict rules and keep them disciplined but not at the cost of the spark in their eyes and the smile on their face.

  1. Plan special time every day

The most important part of parenting is to spend time with your kid. Do things together, read out stories, cuddle with them, but yes, spend some quality time to ease their tensions.

  1. Don’t forget on the “daddy’s home sweetie”

Allow your husband to spend some alone time with your kid. So, if he wants to bath him/her on Sundays, let him do it. Yes, he will make a mess but the sight of your husband and your kid laughing together is worth of every mess.

  1. Make them learn to save the environment

Another important thing is to make them learn the importance of nature. Don’t let them keep the tap running in the bathrooms or leave the room with fans switched on.

  1. Teach them morals

Don’t forget to teach them values and morals. These are the pillars of a human being’s persona and you need to teach them from an early age because that’s the time when you will shape your kid.

  1. Praise them for their little wins

No matter how small or big the achievement is, don’t forget to appreciate your kid. Praise him/her about the things they have done, no matter if that’s not perfect.

  1. Let them cry

Don’t run from what you are doing to stop your kid from crying. If he/she is crying because of some unnecessary reason, then let them do so. They should know that they cannot melt your heart with their wails.

  1. Never doubt your parenting ways

If someone tells you that you aren’t being a good parent just because you strictly said a ‘no’ to your kid or didn’t allow him/her to dress like a fancy party, never take their words to your heart.

  1. Don’t judge your child based on what other says

Again if someone come and say that you need to teach your child how to respect others, don’t straightway judge your kid to be disrespectful. Have faith in your teachings and ask him/her why they did such things in a very polite manner.

  1. Don’t make your home another school

Remember your kid comes to your place which is a home and not a school. Don’t be another teacher who always snaps at the kids. This way you will scare him/her away, and will crush your kid’s innocence.

  1. Give equal time to all your kids

If you have more than one kid, spend equal time with each other. No one should feel neglected just because you spend one hour extra with the other one.

  1. Make special memories

Don’t forget to make special memories with your kid, be it in the form of framing the paper with handprints on them or wearing “mommy-sweetie” or “daddy-honey” t-shirts. These are small happy moments which will always remind your kid of the sweet times they have spent with you.

  1. Do something creative with your kid

Bring creativity in your kid’s life and do things together like dancing together and uploading the video or making models out of clay.

  1. Be a role model for them

Always be a role model to your kid because the first person they will look up to for inspiration is you. So, never curse in front of them, never yell at anyone or disrespect your elders.

  1. Make them learn the importance of time and money

One of the common mistakes most parents do is to give them ample amount of money or making them do anything for a long time. Don’t make this mistake because that will make your kid a spoilt brat.

  1. Learn to say ‘NO’ to childish demands

Loving your kid doesn’t mean that you will always give in to their demands and will fulfill every single dream. Learn how to say a clear ‘NO’ which will leave no room for argument.

  1. Pamper them but don’t over-exaggerate

It’s your right to pamper your kid till the end but make sure your pampering isn’t making him/her ignorant, arrogant, and stubborn.

  1. Tell the truth about their mistakes

Don’t put a smile and tell them that they did nothing wrong. If it’s necessary, tell the truth about the consequences of their actions, no matter how difficult that can be.

  1. Don’t make excuses to other about your child’s behavior

Never make excuses of your kid’s behavior in front of others. If your kid hasn’t done the homework, never ask his/her teacher to excuse your kid for once. If she wants to detain him, let her do the job.

  1. Never speak high of your kid

Appreciation is okay but never idealize your kid. They have a long way to go and it’s only the start. You speaking highly of them will make them over-confident which isn’t good for small children.

  1. Understand what he is capable of

Sit with them and understand what the things they can do are and what not. Also, if you two or more kids do know that every single one of them won’t be able to do a math problem in ten seconds or will eat Brussels sprouts without making a fuss.

  1. Bring some fun in your kid’s life

Don’t fill your kid’s life with all seriousness. They need some fun and you will be the first one who should provide them the fun they need in their life. Play with them, take them to parks or malls, do things which will make them happy.

  1. Go on vacations with family

Don’t waste the session breaks or holidays in teaching your child. Go out on family vacations, spend some time away from the boring life. This will not only help you but also your kid to overcome the tensions in your life.

  1. Spend some “mommy time” in the kitchen

With girls in the house, it’s more fun to spend some “mommy time” with them. Make them sit on the kitchen island and let them do something creative like making the batter of the cake or peeling off the banana.

  1. Plan the weekend dates with your family

Make the weekends more engaging for your kid. For this you can plan on date nights with your kids and your spouses.

  1. Don’t argue with your partner in front of your child

If you are angry with your partner about anything, don’t fight with them in front of your kid. This action of yours will leave a bad impression on their young minds and they might not take it in a good way.

  1. Be very gentle while making them understand something

Whenever you will make them understand anything, be it the consequences of what they have done or a lesson from their books, be very gentle and find creative ways to make them understand.

  1. Don’t say “it’s big people’s talk”

If your kid walks into a discussion which you are having with grownups, never tell them that “come on honey, go to your room. We are having a grownup talk here”. This will give rise to curiosity in your kid and we all know that children can be very curious. Just behave as if you haven’t seen them and steer the direction of the conversation to a topic which they are scared of like ghosts, lizards, aliens, and so on.

  1. Never tolerate disrespecting attitude from your kid

Even if your child is three years old, never tolerate a disrespect from them. If they are not coming to you even after telling them to do so, scold them. Don’t ignore this behavior because that’s the start of disrespecting your opinions and thoughts.

  1. Talk with your kid, no matter how silly it can be

Communication with children is very important to keep the atmosphere of the house light and warm. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to talk meaningful with your kid.

  1. Give him/her lessons of courage and bravery

Tell them stories about brave men. Ask them what their opinion on the stories is. Make them learn how to be brave and courageous because that’s very important. You won’t be there always with your kid to fig his/her own battles.

  1. Improve the social behavior of your kid

If your kid is not mixing with others, ask them why. Never ignore this behavior saying that they might not be interested or they are not feeling alright.

  1. Remember, parenting means not to shape ‘a human’ but to shape a ‘good and responsible human’

Teach them how to be a responsible human being. Make them learn how to be polite with others, how to be responsible for their own actions, how to speak generously with others, and so on.

  1. Teach him how to honor other’s efforts

When your kid is doing a work in a group, make sure he/she knows how to appreciate other’s efforts regardless of what they have put into the teamwork.

  1. Make him/her learn the value of relationships in life

Another important aspect of parenting is to teach them the importance of relationships in life because that way they will learn how to value them. Even if you have some feud with your in-laws, never tell your kid to hold grudges against his/her aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

  1. Set a proper schedule for your kid’s activity

Do make a routine for your kid like when to wake up, what to do after that, when to get ready for school, and so on. This will establish a habit within your kid of following rules, and valuing time.

  1. Make him do his own chores

Don’t do his/her bed when your kid is capable enough of doing the things on their own. Let them do their own job because they should be independent in doing things on their own.

  1. “I love you” means a lot for your kid

You don’t have to become a record player saying “I love you” every minute. But yes, muttering these three words just before sleeping will bring a smile on your kid’s face.

  1. Make sure to allow your kids to do things uniquely

Don’t make your child follow other’s footsteps. Start making them things do uniquely like dressing them up differently for a party or teaching them things in unique style.

  1. Don’t find alternatives to change his/her dislikes into likes

If they don’t like something and is throwing a tantrum, then don’t give something else to satiate them. Rather, make your kid work on his/her own how to change the dislike into likeness.

  1. Always protect your kid’s innocence

Never do anything which can taint your child’s innocence like beating your kid unnecessarily or snapping at our kid in front of everyone.

  1. Understand what he/she is going through

If your kid is not doing his/her usual things or not eating properly, understand what he/she is trying to say. Remember there is always a reason behind a kid’s action. So, if they are silent, they are going through something and as a parent that’s your duty to understand.

  1. Never let your kid alone to suffer

If your kid is going through hardships like not being able to remember his lessons for the coming exam or not being able to play with other kids, don’t leave him/her to solve these issues on their own.

  1. Check whether he/she is getting bullied or not

Always remember to check whether your kid is getting bullied in the society or in the school or not. Most of the times kids hide such incidents from their parents and they continue to suffer alone. Don’t make the mistake of falling for their fake smile or lies of tripping on his own and wounding the hand.

  1. Don’t fret over academic results because one exam won’t end the career

Don’t make a big issue out of your kid’s academic results. Even if he got a B+ in one subject, don’t scold him or beat him. It’s okay if he got a B. The next time he will bring A definitely. Encourage him to study for learning and not to score marks because education itself is an art, which should be done on own.

  1. “Study, study hard, study harder”- stop saying that 24×7 

Never play the record of study hard in front of your kid all the day because that will make him lose interest and hence, your kid will only study because he/she needs to and not because they want to.

  1. Understand your child is a small kid and not some robot

Don’t expect your kid to do everything, starting from cleaning his own room to going to the school all alone. Your kid is a small child who is still learning new things. Don’t mistake your child to be a robot.

  1. Never compare your child with anyone else

Your kid is unique in himself/herself. Don’t compare your child with anyone else because that will crush their small world where they think that they are the best for you.


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