6 Best Online Games to Play with Your Friends

Online gaming is a great way to connect with your friends and have fun in a socially distanced way. The pandemic and travel restrictions have prevented people from meeting for almost two years now, and many of you are probably missing your friends and family. While video calls and messages are good communication methods, they can sometimes be awkward with all of you just staring at one another. 

You should instead do some activities which breach this awkwardness and give you something to do. Some people make good use of their Charter Spectrum Cable TV plans and watch specific shows at the same time and discuss them during the call. This watch party is a good activity with friends, especially if you just want to relax. 

However, if you want some fun together, you should try out a few online games. These games will bring out your collaborative and competitive sides. In addition, they will also hone your mind, and teach you new skills. So, get your group together online and have the time of your lives! Here are a few games to start you off with. 

Heads Up! On House Party 

This popular game is available on House Party. One person has to guess a word they cannot see over their heads, but the others can. The others will help the person guess using verbal clues which don’t give it away instantly. 

The person has to guess the word within a certain time limit and will receive points accordingly. This is great fun and can get quite noisy, so wear your headphones!

Boggle With Friends

This Hasbro game now has an online version you can play with your friends. You basically get the same word grid and timer and have to make the most words within a certain time limit. However, you have to make sure the letters join with each other in any direction. 

This game exercises your vocabulary and brings out your competitive side as you have to make the most words to get high points and win. There are online versions for kids and adults, so this is an excellent activity for all ages. 

Words With Friends 

Words with Friends game is a bit more cerebral than Boggle, this is basically an online version of the classic board game and this is the best board game for all age groups, which keeps your mind challenged with a fresh set of words every day. With its easy-to-learn rules, anyone can play and have fun as soon as he or she opens the app on their mobile device. You have to make words with the tiles you receive, and different letters have different point weightage.

You have to play strategically to get the most points, and there’s also an element of luck with tile distribution. So, brush up your vocabulary and your point calculation, so that you can get the highest scores and crow over your friends!


Codenames is a fun online game where you split into two teams and have a set of words to guess. The catch is that both teams have to guess different words with similar meanings and are assigned the same grid where some words belong to one team, while some belong to the other. 

Only the team leader can see the layout of the grid and has to get their team members to guess their corresponding words. However, there are a few words on the grid that will end the whole game if someone says them. This game requires a lot of wit and vocabulary and also involves confusing the other team, so it is the perfect activity for friends. 

Among Us

Of course, what list of current online games would be complete without this hit? It basically plays off of the concept of the classic Mafia game but on an expanded online platform. You basically enter the same setting and there are a set number of impostors in the setting. These impostors have to secretly sabotage the overall mission and the others have to guess who it is and kick them off. 

Naturally, people lie their skins off to prevent being caught as the impostor, so be prepared for a lot of shenanigans. You can all easily play this game on your phones, as long as you have it installed. 

Pretend You’re Xyzzy

Cards Against Humanity is perfect for you if you and your friends have off-color humor and are okay with profanity. However, its online version is no longer available. But don’t lose heart, a great alternative has recently emerged. Pretend You’re Xyzzy is basically an online version of the card game, and involves the same gameplay. 

So, if you want a bit of banter and want to laugh your heads off, then this game is perfect for you. It gives you the perfect chance for all that non-PG humor you’ve been saving up with your families at home. 

In conclusion, there are numerous games you can play online with your friends. These are all a lot of fun and are mostly free and simple to play. So, call up your pals and get started!



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