6 Best Reasons to Live Off-Campus

Should you live on campus in a dorm or go out into the big, terrible world and get your apartment as a freshman in college? Despite the danger of seeming dramatic, this choice has the potential to have a significant impact on your time in college. Unlike first-year students, second and third-year students face a far more complicated housing situation.

While living on campus will keep you near to your courses and aware of extracurricular events, living off-campus offers advantages. Renting an apartment away from school may be viable if you consider the following six factors.

It Might Help You Avoid Wasting Money

Moving off-campus is likely to reduce your money on housing, particularly if you share a residence with another person. If you live by yourself, you may not be able to save much, but if you have a few roommates and share the rent, you will probably be able to save some money. You won’t be required to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a food plan either.


Most dormitories include a long list of restrictions that you must follow, such as not bringing pets, not lighting candles, signing in visitors, and sticking to quiet hours. Not only are these regulations in place, but a resident assistant (RA) will most likely be watching over you to ensure that you comply with them.

Off-campus housing is not supervised by resident assistants (RAs). You may bring your pets with you, you will be able to have visitors over whenever you like, and there will be no mandatory quiet hours.

When it comes to living off-campus, you usually do not have many options.

Access to Social Amenities

Apartment complexes may provide you with access to more facilities than your college dorm would. More living space provides you with more options for solitude, it is most likely a lot quieter than your dorm, and it may have some facilities like a pool or fitness center directly in the building that houses your apartment.

You may park considerably closer to your home if you live off-campus, so you won’t have to walk as far to class in the morning. Living off-campus also often comes with parking that is either free or much cheaper than parking on campus.

More Space

If you live off-campus, you will most likely have extra room for your belongings. Most flats will provide you with a fully-equipped kitchen, living area, bedroom, and additional storage space. You will also receive your washer and dryer. For those attending Radford University, visit the best Radford University off-campus student apartments, Copper Beech, to book your spacious rooms suitable for your stay on the campus.

It Makes You More Responsible

Students frequently pay just one housing payment at the beginning of the semester or the academic year, depending on the institution. Although you may find this handy, it does not teach you how to become financially independent, pay your bills, or manage your finances.

Some or all of the electricity, cable and Internet costs will likely fall on you if you reside off-campus. You may grow your credit by paying your bills and signing a lease, generally required when you acquire a job and move into a non-college apartment after graduation.

With bills and food shopping included, you’ll have a lot on your plate. Most colleges require students who reside on campus to purchase a food plan. Off-campus housing does not provide meal plans!

You Can Stay All Year Round

Students must leave their dormitories or on-campus accommodation during holidays like Christmas break, spring break, and summer vacation. Off-campus housing lets you commit to a full academic year’s worth of rent. You’re free to come and go as you wish throughout the summer and other periods.

Some people can’t continue their education because of their employment obligations, but this is an excellent solution. Students working might benefit from having a place to stay during breaks.

Bottom Line

Get an early start to reduce the tension you experience and increase the likelihood of locating to a location within your price range that you will like. When it comes time to sign the lease, you should also remember that you may be required to have a parent or another adult co-sign the lease with you. This will make you a more responsible adult even after your schooling.


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