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6 Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer 2020

You know kids are restless. They love doing all other activities except indulging in food and drinking. Most of the time, mothers are seen chasing them for drinking water. Anyhow, kids don’t find this interesting. But it is high time to stay hydrated because summer is here and you have to pay attention to the required water potion that body demands. Honestly, it is one of the challenging tasks for moms to feed them water. But here we will share a few hacks that will help kids to stay hydrated this summer.

Add a fun element to sipping:

Kids are often attracted to visually appealing stuff. In that regard, it would be nice enough if you change their water bottles. Add some popping vibrant colors like if you have a boy kid, then choose anything his favorite other than pink. For girls, you can stick to the pink. In addition, you can make it more interesting by adding some colorful straws. Now automatically your kid will feel likely to have water in that.

Fresh fruit juices:

You are aware of the situation that your child does not like to have water. So as the best remedy to keep him stay hydrated this summer you resort to the fresh fruit juices. To make it tastier you can opt for one or two ice cube just place it from the top so that it looks eye-catching as well. But make sure that you pick the fruits which are sweeter instead of sour ones because that won’t enhance the taste much. One more thing make sure that you don’t rely on the marketed and preservative added fruit juices.

Colorful popsicles:

Mothers have to go to any extent to find the best for their bundles of joy. They are naughty and nag to have water. Therefore, as the best yet funny ways to make them have water is by making colorful popsicles for them. To make that you can pick fresh fruits especially watermelon, and grapes, can add strawberry also. Just take out the juice and pour it into the ice tray attach some sticks with it and let it freeze for moments. It seriously looks colorful and your kid will just love to have that.

Tasty coconut water:

Adding coconut water to a daily drinking schedule will also help kids to stay hydrated. Note that coconut is full of essential minerals, vitamins, sugar, vitamin c, and electrolytes. Therefore, you can choose this instead of regular drinking water as the best option.


Kids often say no to drinking water. But as a mother, you have to brainstorm ideas so that your kid gets the right proportion of water. Now you can also add milkshakes, as this is a superb hack to stay hydrated. For that, you simply make the shake with banana and add adequate sugar vanilla essence. And your kid will just love to gorge on the drink.

Icy shapes:

You can arrange some ice for kids. Take a pre-shaped container and place the liquid in that. Let it take the desired shape of that particular container in the form of ice. Now with this, you get the best of both worlds because your kid will appreciate the effort and at the same time will get the drink, which will keep them hydrated as well. 

These are some of the fun ways in which you can try to keep your kid stay hydrated.


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