6 Tech Habits That Can Help Curb Digital Pollution

Let’s keep the stress and the suffering of 2020 and 2021 aside and talk about the silver lining i.e. how our planet benefitted from the lockdown! I remember it was a Thursday when we got our Charter Spectrum cable during the first lockdown and every other news channel that day was chanting “The coronavirus lockdown is helping the Earth heal.”

Less resource consumption, reduced noise pollution, and fewer emissions were some of the changes that our planet was blessed with. The positive impact of COVID on the environment has been astounding. This has invoked many of us to participate in making the world greener by bringing changes in our lifestyle. 

Did you know, there are plenty of tech habits you can adopt daily to live an eco-friendly life and curb digital pollution? Let’s check them out: 

1: Invest in Energy-Efficiency Appliances 

The markets are filled with energy-efficient appliances. I am not asking to buy something big like Tesla, but when the time comes to invest in an appliance, buy an energy-efficient one.

What are these options you ask? Climate-friendly TVs, water-saving showerheads, lightbulbs, green thermostats, and more. If we start buying them, it will give companies the impression that consumers want eco-friendly products and they will focus on developing such appliances. 

Don’t have the budget for such purchases right now? No worries. At the very least, turn off your existing appliances and lights when not in use.  

2: Keep Your Old Gadgets

Did you know that 44.7 million metric tons of electronic trash were generated in 2016 worldwide? Only 20% of that material was documented as being collected and correctly recycled, implying that the other 80% was either not recycled at all or ended up in the landfill.

Although no device can survive indefinitely, you can make an effort to keep yours running for as long as possible. When you consider how much it costs you and the environment to produce new technology, it’s better to learn how to repair your gadgets. 

Instead of buying new gadgets, get them serviced or look for refurbished products to play your part in recycling gadgets. Be careful with your tech purchases and the way you dump old or damaged appliances. 

3: Switch to Eco-Friendly Browser

Unfortunately, the carbon footprint of the Internet is increasing as the number of people connected to the Internet is increasing.  Switch to a sustainable web browser such as Ecosia for cutting down on your digital carbon footprint. It’s one of those search engines that uses its profits for planting trees around the world in areas where they are needed the most. Their servers run on 100 percent renewable energy! 

4: Regulate Your Temperature At Home

What’s the point of keeping the heating or cooling on when you are not even home! Make an effort to keep everything off when you are away from away. Once in a while, open the window and enjoy the breeze instead of sitting in the AC. When it’s cold, throw on a blanket and give the heating a rest, unless it’s necessary to it on.

In winter, set the temperature to 65° F when you are not home and 68° F when you are home. In summer, set the temperature to 80° F when you are away from home and 77° F when you are home. Use smart thermostats as they learn your habits and help maintain the schedule you would like to keep and also save on your energy bills at the same time.  

5: Use Green apps for Online Shopping 

Another effective way of reducing carbon footprint is to purchase from green apps. It’s so much easier to find apps that can help you find a farmer’s market nearby or a sustainable eatery in your area. Some apps also let you scan the product’s barcode to check the ingredients. There are even apps that tell where you can dispose of your electronics and appliances responsibly.  

6: Unplug Your Charger

Leaving your devices plugged in even while they’re fully charged will drain their batteries and waste electricity. Unplug your charger once you’ve reached 100 percent battery life. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of turning off laptops and computers when not in use and putting them into sleep mode to save battery life.



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