6 Things to Include in Your Resume in 2022

Given current circumstances on the job market, the resume has become the most vital element of today’s job search and the number one requirement all potential employers request from candidates. Before any HR manager makes a final decision to invite you to an interview, they would want to meet you on paper. The first impression your CV will make on the recruiter will make a huge difference because it will define the next steps they will choose to take. Today, when the employment market is a highly competitive space with the number of candidates exceeding that of vacancies, you can’t even start competing without having a proper resume.

That’s why it’s crucial not only to have one as such, but to make sure it’s a really good one that effectively informs your potential employers what added value you can provide to their company. Unfortunately, some people treat resumes too lightly, saying it’s nothing more than just a formality. Yet, this is very far from being true: recruitment consultants opine that the aspects a candidate mentions on their CV are extremely important. Luckily, here you can find some practical things to emphasize in your CV, that will help you stand out and increase your chances to land an outstanding job.

Don’t Make It Too Long

Of course, it’s understandable that you want to make sure that the recruiter notices every little detail of your education and career paths. However, don’t forget that your potential employer will be dealing with dozens of resumes, so including too many minor details and making the document unreasonably long may have a negative impact on the HR manager’s decision.

Remember that first of all you need to catch the attention and briefly but precisely state what makes you a strong candidate for the position advertised. Save the details for the interview stage. Thus, for the majority of professionals, a two pager will work just fine. If you are a freshman, a one-page resume will be sufficient.

Graphic Design

A creative resume is an instant eye-catcher that will definitely look different from the others. And this is the key reason why it’s a good idea to add a creative touch to your CV. Moreover, it’s a smart way to showcase your practical skills to your prospective employer. And they love candidates who can do things beyond their direct field of expertise. Even if you have never done that before, you can try special graphic design software like VistaCreate and create resume online without any effort. Importantly, when using graphics or other feature elements, you need to find the right balance and not to overdo it.

Add a Headline

Resume headlines are often overlooked by candidates, especially inexperienced ones, and this is a big mistake to make. Your headline is the first thing a hiring manager will spot when examining your CV. That’s why it is imperative that it be closely aligned with your target vacancy. This will immediately inform the recruiter about your intentions and motivation. Also, don’t forget to include up to four of your top skill keywords.

Match Your Experience with the Vacancy

Some people are sending out the same variant of their resume to all interesting job openings hoping to get noticed on the off chance. This is a very wrong approach for many reasons, especially when the position advertised is prestigious and thus highly competitive. Reordering and restructuring your document, including relevant achievements and challenges you tackled in the past, is a sure way to make your resume more powerful and impactful. Make sure your CV contains contextual, practical examples supported by concrete figures of how you succeed in your previous roles.

Mobile-Friendly Variant

Nowadays, people rely more and more heavily on smartphones and tablets not only in their personal life, but in professional as well. And hiring managers and recruiters are no exception here. That’s why you need to ensure that your resume looks perfect even on small screen. Furthermore, it needs to be easy to skim with clear fonts and enough of white space. Think about any other elements to include that can make reading your document a more pleasant experience for your prospective manager.

No Place for Mistakes and Typos

Knowing things to avoid in your resume is as essential as being aware of what to include in it. The baseline rule reads: avoid grammatical errors and typos at any cost, because they can nip in the bud even the most effective and efficient CV in the world. When your document is ready, don’t rush to send it to the HR department. Instead, take your time and look through it several times with certain intervals to illuminate any possible mistakes or inaccuracies.

Wrapping Up

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of first impressions and you have only one change to make a strong one that will resonate with your potential employer. Follow the advice above and your chances will be considerably higher. Yet, remember, a great resume is only the first step on the journey to your dream work.



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