7 days in Switzerland Vacation Will Ignite That Wanderlust Within You!

 1. Paris: Sightseeing And Many More

Switzerland Vacation: We have been transferred to our Ibis Styles Paris Gare de l’Est Château Landon Hotel as we arrived in Paris after our layover in Abu Dhabi. It was a standard three-star hotel located in the center of the city, making our route very easy. On the first day, we visited Paris to explore more about the city of love. At the beginning of the tour, we went to see St. Chapelle’s beautiful architecture. Afterward, I and my husband came to see the Eiffel Turm lights, which looked like stars waving over and we went to the top of the tower.

2. Paris: Exploring The City’s Few Gems

For us, a visit to Paris without seeing Monalisa’s beautiful painting looked quite incomplete. We went to the famous Du Louvre, to see the iconic painting, on the second day of our trip to Paris. This was the highlight of the day we went to explore some of the nearby restaurants because if we do not try sweet delights, Paris is still incomplete.

3. Lucerne: Relaxed Across The Lake Lucerne

We all went to see Switzerland’s countryside after visiting the streets of Paris. The third one after we got up and got refreshed, we went to the streets and came to Lucerne before we crossed the showrooms. This place was so serene to compliment the whole beauty of the laid back town. We’ve also seen people feeding ducks and the view has been worth the arrest.

4. Interlaken: Experienced A Life Away From City

After spending the day in Lucerne we headed directly to the small town of Interlaken which looks like a painter. This gem of a site in the center of two beautiful lakes was decorated with the beautiful Swiss Alms in the background. We admired the town’s beauty and moved further to Stechelberg, a small Swiss village.

5. Stechelberg: Witness The Grandeur Of Mount Titlis

While Switzerland’s beauty left us in an awesomeness, we were entirely fascinated when we reached Stechelberg. We had booked Airbnb here and the view was like a scene out of a film from our accommodation. Since Stechelberg is a tiny town, the region was surrounded by peace and lush greenery. And the only sound we were able to hear was the cowbell’s jingle. We went out to see Mount Titlis after a day of laid-back.

6. Stechelberg: Drive To Schilthorn

The following day, we visited Mt. Schilthorn, also a nice place. The scenery around this place was great for us. We spent the day in the mountains admiring beauty. We then began our journey to Zurich, Switzerland’s largest and busiest city.

7. Zurich: A City Which Never Stops

The contrast from Interlaken and Stechelberg is only complete in Zurich. As soon as we entered the city, people everywhere were busy. There were beautiful streets, delicious food and quite unbelievable shopping options that were perfect for shoppers such as me.

What To Pack For Switzerland

You must journey a lot to explore the places in Europe on foot. There’s no need to spend money on cabs on public transport during your 7 days in Switzerland. Public transport is quite good to travel. There are therefore things you have to pack if you are a woman and travel into Switzerland:

  • Good pair of Sneakers
  • Summer linen dresses, shorts (If traveling in summer)
  • Avoid taking denim
  • Good sunscreen and shades
  • Avoid taking red lipstick

Shopping In Switzerland

The shoppers in Europe find the best brands to sell their products at a very reasonable price. Europe is one of the best places to see. Brands such as Zara and Ralph Lauren have the best deals and cheaper clothing in Paris than India. Besides, people can purchase souvenirs like Eiffel Tower thumbnails. Besides that, in Switzerland, wine is also a good buy.

Weather In Switzerland In June

June is one of Switzerland’s best months when the weather is at its best and there are fewer tourists. It was quite hot when comparing to the usual weather due to the heat burn, but in spite of the warm weather it was pretty pleasant.


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