7 Halloween Costumes That Are Making Rounds in 2020!

You have to dress up in Halloween special costumes every year, either a fruit, food, celebrity, or an alien – you know the routine! Halloween requires you to be someone else other than your natural self. From movie characters to fun costumes, choose whatever suits your mood and style it according to your priorities. While some of you want to be ‘just a participant’ at the party, many run from north to south to get Halloween Costumes that will be trendy in the particular year. 

Well, a genius move is to sit and take a deep breath. The best way to know the latest fashion trends is to open social media apps and scroll through the celebrities’ profiles. Not just the trends, you would find many styling ideas and techniques for Halloween hand-in-hand. If you are going to be busy till the 31st of October and have no time for the costume hunt, then relax! We have made a list of Halloween costumes that will be a hit in 2020, especially for you.

The latest version of Harley Quinn from the movie ‘Harley Quinn: The Birds of Prey (2020)’ will leave all the previous Harleys behind. In this movie, she cut the bonds from Joker and was seen as an independent woman who doesn’t need a man. She started to do everything for herself, from dressing up to styling her hair. 

She also cut her hair weirdly, but it still looked so good on Margot. Her costume changed slightly as the white shirt got replaced with a sports bra and a bombshell jacket over it. She got rid of the ‘J’ tattoo by transforming it into a mermaid. All hail to the Queen! 

The coolest Billie Eilish gives us incredible costume ideas. Her signature look includes an oversized sweatshirt worn with baggy sweatpants. The neon green color that her hair is colored in makes her look even more appealing. She sometimes opts for monochromes and often goes for vibrant neons – as her mood pleases. 

The seventeen-year-old pop star is seen acing a Gothic look every time she comes on screen. The electro-pop star look is a trendy choice this year, so put on the gothic makeup, a necklace, and neon sunglasses to rock her look. Nina Dobrev pulled off her look as well, so check it now!

The upcoming superhero movie from Marvel, Black Widow, is also the right choice for this Halloween. Although her costume is kept the same, this movie would tell us something different from what we know about her. So, stay excited about this movie and show off your love and fandom for her by showing up at the Halloween party in her costume.

Get a Black Widow costume or go with a black leather skin-tight catsuit. Style it with some holsters and belts, dye your hair red or put on a wig, and stay prepared to fight with any Taskmaster present at the party.

The ‘Baby Shark Song’ that got famous recently is also a trendy pick for this Halloween. Dress up as a mommy shark, granny, or baby and ace the look. You can even pull off a family costume idea by showing up as a ‘Baby Shark Family.’ Let everyone style up in the specific color of shark costume and go to the party singing the song. See people giving you annoyed looks as well as praising your creativity!

The Demogorgon from Stranger Things was as scary as a monster should be. That makes a Demogorgon costume the dopest choice for this year’s Halloween. Get a white costume and a mask, dress up in it and have everyone in Hawkins. If you can’t find the costume, wear any full-white outfit and put on the perfect SFX makeup to be a Demogorgon with a few efforts.

What’s better than dressing up as your favorite food? A pizza, taco, or hamburger costume is the most fun and edgy Halloween getup. Get a bun costume or make one at home with cardboard. Add the spice in the bun by wearing a patty costume on the waist, in the middle of the buns. For a pizza look, wear a large size pizza costume and be the biggest slice ever in history. Add some pepperonis to your look for a fun element and see every person drooling over your delicious costumes at the Halloween party.

Last but not least, if you were looking for Celebrity Halloween Costumes inspired by the movies, then there’s no better option than to go for Winifred Sanderson’s look. She is from the most popular Halloween movie, ‘Hocus Pocus.’ So, wear a long purple dress underneath a silk turquoise top layer. Tie the front of the top layer in a zig-zag way from the chest. Slip-on black heel boots and wear a red ‘Queen’ crown on the head to nail her gorgeous outfit.


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