7 Living room ideas to warm up your fall 2021

For sure, fall is around the corner- so get ready for some earthy tones and cozy coffee talks like always. Neutral colors and natural textures are always secure to bring warmth into every winter season. In general, a living room is a space where we all gather to enjoy this season with family and friends. So, make sure you buy the best rugs from a luxury rug store near Columbus

In addition to neutral colors, the natural wooden texture is an ideal choice for a perfect living room décor. Whether it is lighting, furniture, or shapes, this post will help you find fantastic ideas for your home. So, if you want to make it modern yet classic, keep it raw and elegant. 

Here is the list of 7 excellent living room ideas for this fall 2021. Take out your notebooks and get inspired with these ideas:

  1. Vintage home décor
  2. Neutral rugs from the luxury rug store
  3. Burgundy/brown dining set
  4. Velvet plush luxury
  5. Fall knits and throws blankets
  6. Curvy accent chairs
  7. Playful pendant lights
  • Vintage home décor:

For starters, vintage home décor can be a personal style for this fall season. If you like the look of cottage-style furniture, you will surely love the vintage vibe in your living area. These modern yet classic designs will take your breath away. So, go for colored glassware, old-school frames, and antique candle holders for your dining area. 

In addition to that, you may want to add a few vintage vases and a book rack alongside your armchair. A book rack with the best classic novels is an ideal way to warm up your living area. 

  • Neutral rugs from a luxury rug store:

I think all neutral shades are perfect for the fall season. People tend to lean towards colorful décor even in the winter, but earthy tones are also popular. In that case, neutral oriental weavers area rugs are the best pick from an online rugs store. They are cozy, warm, and offer a peaceful vibe. 

Furthermore, earthy tones like grey, beige, off-white, and pastel pink go perfectly with your already colorful setup. So, it is best to add some neutral color tones to bring elegance and comfort to your living area. Plus, you can also opt for the all-neutral look. 

  • Burgundy/brown dining set:

Now, move on towards your dining area. Well, if you have an open dining space, burgundy is the right color to choose. No matter how elegant and subtle your dining area is, a burgundy dining set is all you need to complete the entire look. Moreover, it looks fantastic in your otherwise neutral setting. 

Brown or burgundy wooden sets go well with light cabinets and cozy rugs, for example. In particular, when your dining area is an integral part of your living area, dark colors give a unique accent to your neutral space.  

  • Velvet plush luxury:

Have you seen fall without luxury velvet? Undoubtedly, velvet is a must for chilly winter nights. That is why this kind of upholstery can never go out of fall style. So, go for a blue or grey velvet plush luxury fabric for your couch. As velvet is already a warm texture for you, skip extra blankets. But, if velvet is too warm for you- keep it only for pillows and cushion covers.

In this way, you can keep the extra covers for the next season. Also, this fabric adds warmth and flavor by nature. So, enjoy your coffee on that cozy velvety couch.

  • Fall knits and throw blankets:

This fall season, do not hesitate to bring knits and throw blankets into your living room. Along with stylish rugs and cozy couches, throw blankets will be the best addition. For instance, you can add dark shaded knits to bright printed fabric. But if you already have neutral sofas, go for colorful throw blankets on one of the couches. And pick funky and unique weave patterns to go with your home interior. 

  • Curvy accent chairs:

If your fall living room décor is still incomplete, you might need a curvy accent chair. These rounded chairs are best for a retro fusion. Moreover, accent chairs mix and match perfectly with your old vintage furniture. Just place a coffee table in front of the chair and enjoy this winter in your personalized space. Also, use warm shades for the chair fabric and bright yellow for the cushions.

  • Playful pendant lights:

As you know, fall is mostly dark and gloomy outside. So, make sure you get the light fixtures ready for the upcoming season. The best way to enhance the light factor is to use hanging lights. If you have a combined dining area, use pendant lights above the dining table. In this way, you can create a stylish and bright living room. Pick any color, size, and shape of the pendant lights to feel the vibe.

Summing up:

Winter is best spent with family gatherings in your living area. Keeping that in mind, above are the seven most stunning yet practical living room ideas for fall 2021. If you wish to bring warmth into your living space, add some neutral area rugs that you can get from a luxury rug store. Rug gallery, for instance, is a go-to destination for quality rugs. 

Furthermore, you can go with vintage home décor and velvet plush upholstery. A burgundy or brown dining set and some fall knits are ideal picks to create a cozy living space. Or play with bold colors and printed fabric. 


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