Lunch is one of the most important meals of the entire day. But that doesn’t mean you are going to eat pizza or a heavy entrée that will take a lot of time to get digested or one which is not at all healthy for your body. Now, when we speak of a meal made out of healthy pantry recipes, we mean a meal which will be having both the macro and the micronutrients in the correct proportion- more protein with a little amount of carb and fat tagged with tons of vitamins and minerals.

The homily Indian cuisine hardly contains anything which can be regarded as healthy pantry recipes. This is why here we will be discussing the top seven dishes which are made from a healthy pantry and which will be having all the nutrients in the correct proportion.

1. Grilled chicken and coleslaw with green veggies

Grilled chicken and coleslaw with green veggies

Chicken is obviously the centerpiece of protein and that’s why you have to make it the star of the dish. Now, when you will be grilling the chicken, make sure it is not overcooked on the inside, and also the skin of the chicken should be crisp. You can use a homemade barbeque sauce for the grilling which will actually add more flavor to the chicken. This is indeed one of the cheap pantry meals you can have with just a few bucks. As for the coleslaw, you have to use both the red and the green cabbage and the dressing can be done with simple olive oil. You can add some celery stalks, baby sprouts, kale, and spinach dressed with a little bit of mayonnaise.

2. Basil rice with oil tossed salmon and roasted cheese potatoes

Basil has a lot of health benefits and that’s why including this element in your pantry raid recipes wouldn’t be a bad idea. Now, when you are using the rice, make sure it is refined and not polished since the polished rice lacks the essential nutrients that your body needs. In addition to the basil rice, you need a protein source that can be in the form of canned salmon. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and other medium-chain fatty acids which are quite essential for the body. You need a proper sear on the skin of the salmon but make sure it is not overcooked. The best cook will be a medium rare where the fish indeed retains its moisture. You can add some roasted potatoes stuffed with goat cheese as a source of carb and fat in the dish.

3. Black lentil beans with tuna and glazed baby carrots and Brussels sprouts

Black lentil beans with tuna and glazed baby carrots and Brussels sprouts

Lentils are a huge source of protein and to add something on it, you can use tuna which is an excellent source of omega 3 and other fatty acids beneficial for the body. When you are using lentils, make sure you boil them and after that, you can make a little gravy out of it using some natural herbs which will infuse more flavor to the dish. Baby carrots and Brussels sprouts will be an excellent addition in this healthy pantry makeover. In order to increase their taste, you can glaze them with caramelized butter or a thin layer of butter infused with thyme and rosemary.

4. Chicken roulade with carrots, potato sides, and veggies

Chicken breast is the tenderest part of the entire meat and it can be used in different ways. The best way to eat chicken breast is by forming a roulade out of it. In the roulade, you can various forms of healthy stuffing like:

  1. Parmesan with asparagus and celery stalks
  2. Mushrooms with kale and a little bit of goat cheese
  3. Grated broccoli with butter squash
  4. Artichoke with blue cheese and spinach
  5. Walnuts and diced Brussels sprouts

Along with this, you can serve a side made from roasted carrots and potato cubes with some lightly tossed veggies like spinach, kale, beet greens, and even Chinese lettuce. This will indeed make one of the best healthy pantry snacks for lunch.

5. Rice burrito bowl with soya salad

Rice burrito bowl is actually a fully packed cheap pantry meal that you can make within ten minutes, provided you have all the ingredients ready. Black or brown rice will be excellent for the dish since they are rich in fiber. As for the salsa, make sure you are using cabbages, carrots, papaya, and other important veggies and finely chop them in a slaw style. You can add meatballs if you want to make it tastier. Also, serve a soya salad with the burrito bowl since soya chunks are rich in protein which will complete the dish in every aspect.

6. Whole wheat noodles with lightly tossed prawns and Thai soup

If you are planning to use noodles from the healthy pantry makeover recipes, make sure you use the whole wheat noodles since they are full of fibers which indeed are good for digestion. You can add prawns to the dish as a protein source and also make the dish rich in nutrients. Make sure you have taken out the bony part of the prawns and served only the flesh. Don’t overcook the prawns since they have a tendency to become rubbery. Serve a Thai soup laden with natural herbs and small diced veggies like cauliflower, sprouts, beetroots, baby carrots, and shallots, and so on.

7. Grilled lamb tenderloin with butternut squash puree and caramelized vegetables

Lamp tenderloin is one of the healthiest parts of the entire meat since it has a minimal amount of fat. Also, it stays juicy and moist which makes it a nice source of protein for the healthy pantry snacks. Serve a butternut squash puree with the lamp tenderloin having a little bit of pineapple and caramelized peach bites in it.

Now, since you are aware of some of the best healthy food recipes, you can easily prepare them for your family and yourself during the lunchtime. Forget the junky foods and now embrace the healthier version of different ingredients.

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  1. Chandan Kumar says

    As lockdown is going and i got bored from eating the same kind of home. I was looking for something new that I can cook for lunch and can give a change to my taste buds. Then I found this article and I’m glad I’ve changed my taste buds with basil rice. Thanks for the recipes!

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