9 Best Romance Books That Are Worth Reading

Romance aids in the development of our understanding of others. It promotes empathy. Because that’s the most popular genre globally, the daily romance readers’ primary audience is over 29 million. The broader population of people who occasionally read romance novels is likely to be substantially larger.

If you are one of those million people who love romance books, this article is perfect—knowing that there are a lot of best romance novels in the world. The majority of romance novels are written from a woman’s point of view and include powerful and clever female protagonists. A great example of a romance book collection is the colleen hoover books in order, which you can check out on! More than that, here are the seven best romance books worth reading.

  1. With Love from Rose Bend by Naima Simone

The novel is full of fabulous small-town cuisine, such as the spring above festival, where Leo is forced to compete in their yearly pageant. The town is vibrant and appealing, the kind of place that one could think exists in the literature. On the other hand, Simone isn’t afraid to address anxiety and more significant issues, weaving themes of guilt, miscarriage, and parental expectations throughout the novel. She manages it all deftly, giving her characters the same level of attention they share with one other. However, the narrative might sometimes drag, with Leo and Owen’s pity parties and anxiety being carried out a little too long. Even yet, you can imagine not having to return to Rose Bend.

  1. One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

August, a tired young woman who has just relocated to New York City, meets a stunning girl named Jane on the Q train in “One Last Stop.” August knows Jane is stranded in the 1970s, displaced by some mysterious magic, and needs help getting back when she sees her in the same car on another train all day.

  1. How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

This genuine and sincere romance novel takes off when Naya Turner’s friends persuade her to have an out-of-character one-night affair to distract her from some bad news at work. When she meets a lovely stranger called Jake, the two hit it off right away, but Jake’s intricate ties to her business and the trauma from Naya’s previous relationship make falling in love with a new man tough.

  1. Neon Gods by Katee Robert

This fantasy epic romance follows the goddess Persephone, who escapes to the underworld after her mother pushes her to marry Zeus. Though she thought he was a myth, Hades sees Persephone as an opportunity to wreak his revenge until he becomes increasingly entangled by her beauty in this charming and sensual romance retelling.

  1. Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

“Act Your Age, Eve Brown” seems to be the concluding installment of the Brown sisters series, which has been praised for its unusual and realistic characters. Eve Brown clashes with type-A Jacob Wayne during an interview for a job at his B&B and afterward accidentally hits him with her automobile in this romance. At first, Jacob and Eve are enemies trapped in tight quarters at the B&B until the air between shifts to something much more.

  1. The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

Dev Deshpande hosts a “Bachelor”-style reality Television show called “Ever After,” painstakingly building love stories for the contestants despite his lack of romantic possibilities. When disgraced Charlie Winshaw is chosen as the new superstar, he struggles to connect with any female competitors. Still, he can’t ignore the spark he feels with Dev in this renowned Queer rom-com that also tackles severe themes like mental health.

  1. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Even though this book was only released in September, it swiftly gained popularity among reviewers.  Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. student, tries to persuade her best friend that she’s seeing someone just by kissing the first man she encounters, who seems to be a young professor called Adam Carlsen. In this quirky and beautiful romance story, the two agree to fake date one other and remain close when a calamity threatens Olive’s profession.

  1. The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Daisy Patel is a logic-driven software engineer whose family is hell-bent on forcing her into an arranged marriage. She turns to her childhood crush, Liam Murphy, for help when she’s cornered. With an upcoming bequest dependent on marriage, Liam agrees. The two begin a false date to legitimate their fake engagement until true feelings and old hurts surface, threatening to derail everything.

  1. In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

The novel is as much a love letter to New York Metropolis as any Nora Ephron script, a tribute to hot days in Central Park, bodega shopping, and the uncertainty that may happen in such a vast and bustling city. The story is told with a leisure sense rather than haste, making it a book to relish rather than devour. Franny and Hayes’ bond becomes more vital on simple occasions, such as a night spent establishing a rooftop garden or an unexpected downpour. It honors how relationships are formed not through significant gestures or viral meet-cutes but rather in the quiet, in-between periods where we have the grace to listen to our hearts and most sincere needs.

Spencer is a new generation of contemporary romance authors that recognize the genre’s bittersweet edges and how loss and grief can improve our love tales if we can weather the storm. It’s not so much angst as melancholy, a reminder that everything in New York may change instantly. But with the proper person at your side, maybe that’s okay.


Reading a book will make your imagination broader and more creative, especially when the genre of the book is romance. Romance will make you feel any emotions, like, crying, laughing, and being in love.

Since the pandemic started, reading has been one of the activities that have been relevant these days. This list gave you some of the best romance books that exist. Happy reading!



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