9 Tips to Keep You and Your Family’s Teeth Healthy

A bright smile can make anybody’s day better! But the most noticeable feature in your smile is your teeth, so you need to keep a good dental profile, not only of yourself but also your families. If you don’t keep a healthy teeth line then there may be several dental problems. These problems will only aggravate with age if proper treatment is not done. Hence, it is better to prevent them in the first place instead of spending hefty amounts on treating them.

Listed here are some simple ways to help you and your family keep a healthy teeth line.

1. Brush Regularly: It is advisable to brush your teeth properly at least twice daily. It is even better if you can brush your teeth even after lunch. Brushing your teeth will help you get rid of germs or plaque that might have accumulated in them.

2. Brushing your teeth properly: Along with brushing your teeth regularly, it is also important to brush your teeth properly. Hold your brush in the right manner, and move it in a circular motion gently so that it reaches all the corners and removes the plaque. If the plaque isn’t removed then it will harden leading to early gum diseases.

3. Clean your tongue: Cleaning your tongue is also an important part of your dental hygiene. Use a tongue cleaner or buy a brush which comes with a tongue cleaner behind it, to remove the plaque from your tongue, otherwise, it may lead to foul mouth odour or other oral diseases.

4. Flossing: Flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. Flossing once a day is enough to get rid of the food that might be stuck in between your teeth.

5. Mouthwash: We often don’t use mouthwash, thinking that it is not important. But, that is not true. Mouthwash’s three main functions are,

  • It reduces the amount of acid in our mouth,
  • It cleans the gums and the parts where the toothbrush can’t reach; and
  • Remineralize teeth.

6. Drink water: Water is the best fluid to not only keep your body healthy but also your mouth. Drink a lot of water after a meal to get rid of the sticky or acidic food or beverages.

7. Herbal toothpaste: You need to use a good toothpaste that will act as a good cleaning agent for your teeth. Herbal toothpaste contains plant extracts, anti-bacterial spearmint, and minerals that will help you fight bacteria and refresh your breath.

8. Neem: In older times, the best way to brush your teeth was with a small stick of a neem branch. Neem has always been a good antibacterial agent. Opting for neem toothpaste reduces the deposition of plaque, gum problems, and also treats halitosis. The recommended neem toothpaste that can be used is Clodent Neem Dental Cream.

9. Ayurvedic care: An ayurvedic care plan can be opted by people of all ages and for different problems. Studies show that people using ayurvedic toothpaste have reported that their toothpaste protects their teeth, cheek, tongue, gums. They are also effective in healing cuts or wounds inside your mouth.


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