A 3 year old girl dies of suffocation after her parents forget her in the car while attending a wedding in Rajasthan’s Kota

In Jorawarpura village in Kota on Wednesday evening, a horrifying incident surrounding the death of a little girl took place. The police identified the body of the deceased three-year-old girl as Gorvika Nagar.

News agency PTI reported on Thursday, citing police stating that the girl stayed locked in a car in Jorawarpura village on Wednesday evening when her parents forgot her while attending a wedding in Kota. They stayed locked in the car for almost two hours before passing away. 

What made matters worse was that by the time the family realized she was locked in the vehicle, Gorvika Nagar had died. The police even further mentioned that Gorvika’s family denied any autopsy and refused any police proceedings regarding the incident.

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A Deeper Look Into The Matter

Gorvika Nagar’s father, Pradeep Nagar, along with his wife and two daughters, went to Jorawarpura village in Kota to attend a wedding. After reaching the venue, the child’s mother and elder sister got out of the car while the father went to park it. 

A PTI report quoting Khatoli police station SHO Banna Lal also stated that Pradeep Nagar was very sure that their daughter Gorvika had left with his wife and elder daughter. With that confidence, he didn’t care to look inside and just locked the car after parking it. On the other hand, Gorvika’s mother had thought she was coming with her father.

While the parents of the deceased child were occupied in the wedding function, the family did not realize that the child had not gotten out of the car.

After two hours of mingling with friends during the ceremony, the pair realized the child was with neither of them. That is when they rushed to the parking lot to check on Gorvika, just to find her lying unconscious in the back seat of the car. After discovering her in that state, the parents took her to the nearest hospital, but it turned out very tragic, with the doctors declaring her dead.

Similar To An Incident In Mumbai

a seven-year-old boy and his five-year-old sister died of suffocation in Mumbai after being locked in an abandoned car. According to the police reports on April 24 around 1.30 pm, Sajid Mohammad Shaikh and his sister Muskan Shaikh went outside to play near their one-room home in CGS Colony, Sector 5, Sion Koliwada when the two entered an abandoned car parked about 100 meters from their home. 

The intention behind going there was to seek relief from the heat. The siblings then got trapped inside, and they lacked an idea about how to open the doors. The Police discovered the children’s bodies were discovered hours later, drenched in sweat with prominent signs of struggle, which even made it clear that the two had made several attempts to escape. The children had died from suffocation.

Leaving Your Kids Unattended In Cars Can Become A Nightmare

Kids dying being trapped in the vehicles goes beyond being simply a summer issue. It’s worth noting that even on moderate days, the heat inside a closed vehicle can become deadly in an hour, which can be responsible for causing significant health concerns to little children. So parents and caregivers need to be very specific in ensuring that they never leave a youngster unattended in a car at any time, no matter how the outside weather is. 

A hot car’s inside temperature rises by 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes, which isn’t a temperature that the human body can cope with; this is what makes the body vulnerable in closed, parked cars. So a child or even an adult shouldn’t stay unattended in a parked automobile, also when it’s known that it’s going to be a “very short time.”


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