A better understanding of Ducted Air Conditioning

Using a ducted air conditioning system makes a lot of sense when you are trying to regulate a number of rooms in one building. Depending on what settings are used it can regulate temperatures to different needs. A ducted system that works on low power can be run on 2 phase when less than 18kv, the other ducted aircon installation in Perth that run higher need a three-line power supply.

Highly efficient with no large ugly indoor units

There are a lot of factors that impact how they work efficiently at different settings. They are very intelligent systems that look at individual room settings, outside and inside temperatures and work to create a stable air cooling system. When something needs adjusting it will automatically make those changes. All of this and you do not have to have large and unattractive indoor units!

The intelligence means they can ensure they use the least energy required to achieve the cooling or heating needed. Keeping things steady rather than going hard on the heat or cool air. Being able to regulate different areas of the building whether a residential or commercial property means you can have offices at ground floor at one temperature, the 2nd floor at another. In a home, it means when you are always feeling too hot you can have a room set to cooler settings than other people in the house prefer.

Other benefits and functions

With a ducted aircon installation in Perth you can also have better control over how humid it is inside the property. Sometimes the air can feel heavy and sticky which is a sign of humidity, there is water in the air. Ducted installations can help control the humidity as well as the temperature. It is silent so is not going to keep people awake at night if it switches on. They are easy to use and different models and systems have different functions and capabilities. Another feature for keeping homes and other properties safe is should there be a malfunction it has a built-in isolator so it will cut off the power supply. Then you can call in your installers for repairs. Regular servicing can help prevent problems like this.

Outside and inside units

The outside units are grouped together making them especially popular in apartment buildings where each apartment can control their own cooling and heating. Inside the unit is located usually in a hidden area that is easy to access. This is under or in the roof of the property. Then ducts link the inside unit to the different areas of the property through ceiling guides, floors and walls.


Ducted aircon installation in Perth is a great idea for larger properties especially, where you want control over different areas. But putting in a ducted system is more disruptive and more expensive if the property is already built. While it is completely possible to do, it is a bigger job than installing some other type of cooling and heating system. Ducted systems are easier to install when a property is being constructed.




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