A brief buying guide of gold jewellery

One of the most beautiful metals used to make jewellery is gold. Many consider gold as a financial investment and an emotional investment, which is why people think a lot before purchasing gold jewellery. Nowadays, gold jewellery designs come in many sizes and shapes, and these cover all jewellery pieces like earrings, chains, rings, necklaces, and more. If you plan to purchase gold jewellery soon, here is what you need to know!

Trending Gold jewellery Designs

Ever want to expand your gold jewellery collection by adding in something unique and elegant? Check out these trending gold jewellery design options that will surely suit your style:

Excitement of colours

Many see gold jewellery only as an all yellow metal with designs carved into the surface. However, you can liven the space up by adding colourful gemstone and diamond jewellery, matching your style and preference! These also make a great gift option since you could always choose gold jewellery featuring gemstones, the receiver’s favourite colour! Also, you will be able to mix and match these colours with your outfits and elevate your ensemble!

Power of pearls

Feel the power of pearls by going for gold jewellery featuring pearls! You can find this combination in many jewellery pieces, ranging from every day to traditional and party collections, and no matter which piece you choose, you are bound to look gorgeous in pearls!

Cocktail rings

It might not be one of your ideal everyday gold jewellery pieces, but it is a must-have among jewellery pieces! Cocktail gold rings can be a glamorous accessory to wear to parties and traditional occasions, especially when cocktail rings feature traditional temple designs embellished with coloured stones and diamonds.

Minimal gold jewellery

If showy gold jewellery is not your thing, switch to minimal gold jewellery pieces! These beautiful pieces are all about making a subtle statement, and you can wear these every day. Minimal gold jewellery also goes great with casual, western, and office outfits and will definitely be a beautiful addition to your collection.

Tips to keep in mind before buying gold jewellery

Before purchasing gold jewellery, make sure you have to keep the following things in mind:

  • Always know the purity of the gold jewellery you are buying. Gold jewellery is usually made from 22 kt, but when you include diamonds and gemstones, gold jewellery can come in 18 kt and 14 kt. Therefore, always make sure you know exactly how pure the gold is before deciding.
  • Ensure what colour of jewellery you need before purchasing gold jewellery. These will depend on what you are planning on wearing it with because if you are planning to match it with yellow gold earrings, you would need to get a yellow gold necklace.
  • Ensure the gold jewellery you purchase is certified and is from a trusted source since getting gold jewellery is still a financial investment.

Gold jewellery will always be a gorgeous addition to your jewellery collection. Therefore, go online and find your next piece of gold jewellery now!


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