A Guide To Ironing Pleated Apparel

Pleated skirts and trousers never go out of fashion. But nothing sticks out like an eyesore as badly as a skirt with disfigured pleats. If you are worried about cleaning and ironing pleated skirts then you can ditch your worries right away. Contrary to what you may think, ironing pleated skirts to maintain the pleats is pretty easy. All that you have to do is moisten the garment a little in order to iron the pleats. However, if you are still not sure about ironing pleated clothes, then you may consider availing of the ironing service offered at Hello Laundry. Hello Laundry of London offers the best and most affordable laundry and dry-cleaning services. Let professionals iron your pleated skirts and trousers to help you achieve the perfect look with crisply ironed pleats. You may iron your pleated apparel at home as well. Invest in an iron of high quality and then read on to know more about ironing pleated skirts at home.

How to iron pleated garments at home?

  1. Check the fabric type before ironing the garment. Set the temperature configuration of the iron according to the type of fabric of the dress.
  2. Now fill a spray bottle with water. Spray the pleats with water to moisten the garment for smooth ironing.
  3. It is now time to set the order of the pleats by arranging each pleat of the garment carefully before ironing it. Hold the pleats in place and iron the neatly ordered pleats from the top to the bottom. If the garment is of tough fabric then you may consider using pins to arrange the pleats correctly before ironing the garment. However, it is of the utmost importance to make sure not to iron the pins while ironing the pleated garment. The technique to iron clothes with pinned pleats is to remove the pins one by one right before gliding the iron in a downward direction on the pleats. Ironing moistened pleats in a downward direction helps in making the pleated garment feel fresh and crisp.
  4. A surprisingly easy way to iron the pleats to make the pleated garment feel crisp and fresh is by separating the pleats. Separate the pleats carefully and then gently move the iron in an upward direction on the pleats. Make sure that the pointed side of the iron reaches the intersection region of the fabric where the pleat stitch lies in the V-shape. After ironing, you may rearrange the pleats by folding them the right way for the perfect look.

After ironing the pleats, you need to hang the pleated garments by a hanger to make sure that the pleats hang straight. Use hangers to tuck the pleated garments into the wardrobe to prevent the creasing of pleats.

A few tips to iron pleated apparel

Ironing pleated garments is not as easy as ironing garments with regular fold lines. One constantly has to take care that the pleats are arranged neatly during the entire ironing process. A few tips to iron pleated skirts and pantaloons are listed below:

  • Do not forget to use an ironing board for ironing the pleated clothes. Lay out the clothes on the flat board to make sure that the ironing is smoothly done.
  • You may use a solution of cornstarch instead of water to moisten the pleats for ironing. Dampening the pleated clothes with cornstarch solution helps in smoothing tough wrinkles and creases.
  • You can use a steam iron instead of a regular iron to iron pleated clothes. Steam iron makes the pleats appear beautiful and crisp. The steps of using a steam iron to iron pleated garments are discussed herein.

How to use a steam iron to iron pleated clothes?

  • Fill the container of the steam iron with distilled water and turn it on.
  • Configure the settings of the steam iron according to the type of fabric.
  • Keep a press cloth on the pleated garment if the material is synthetic. The press cloth helps in preventing damage to the garment’s fabric.
  • Pin three or four pleats together and then iron the pinned pleats by removing the pins one by one.
  • Now spray the pleated clothes with corn starch solution before ironing to make sure that the pleats become smooth and crisp.


Ironing pleated garments is no longer a Herculean task for you. Step out in neatly ironed pleated clothes in style now that you have mastered the art of ironing pleated garments. Pleated skirts are a must-have for one and all. Iron your pleated clothes regularly to increase longevity of the clothes. Try to opt for an ironing service in London to make sure that your pleated clothes stay fine over time. Always remember to hang the clothes with a hanger in your wardrobe to prevent disfiguration of the pleats.


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