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Whether you need a visa for an overseas trip or need to file for an immigration law change, a Ranchod Law Group immigration lawyer can help you. With more than 35 years of experience, the lawyers in the Ranchod Law Group can represent you in cases involving all types of immigration issues. Their office is conveniently located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


During his time as a student attorney,  Paul learned firsthand what it takes to be an immigration lawyer. While he was a student at Pace University’s Immigration Justice Clinic, he gained experience working for a law firm that specializes in immigration law. After graduating from the school, Paul continued his education by earning a doctorate in law from the University of California, Hastings College of Law. The experience he gained helped him find the best immigration firm to serve his clients.

As a practicing immigration attorney, Paul has helped countless individuals and companies with their immigration issues. He advises individuals and companies in matters relating to green card applications and the removal of green card conditions. He is a member of the Westchester County Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association and has served on the UPL and Ethics Committees. He has also served on the Citizenship Day Committee and the Student Liaison Committee.


Among the many services provides to individuals and businesses alike, one of the most significant is the employment and immigration services that they offer. They are a group of professionals who are committed to helping people from all over the world navigate the complexities of the American immigration system and start a new life in the US. They also offer a wide range of services to assist employers to find skilled workers to meet their company’s needs.

Ranchod Law Group’s services include immigration law, employment law, business law, and litigation. Their team of experienced professionals helps individuals and families from around the world and around the corner start a new life in the United States. They have offices in Sacramento and San Francisco.

Clients served

Having a good immigration lawyer will give you the best chance of getting into the United States. A good attorney will help you apply for an E-2 visa, L-1 visa, and Green Card. These visas will allow you to live and work in the United States permanently. The attorneys at Ranchod Law Group can help you with your immigration needs.

Attorney Kaushik Ranchod received his Juris Doctor from the University of Southern California (USC) Hastings College of Law as the Valedictorian of his class. Attorney Ranchod has worked with a variety of clients, including small-to-fortune 500 companies and individuals. He has also lectured on immigration law at the 2008 National Summit on Employment Law and Compliance, and the 2009 HRStar Conference in Los Angeles. Attorney Ranchod is a member of the South Asian Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

BBB Accreditation

Whether you are looking for an immigration lawyer to assist with your legal matters or are looking for a referral, Ranchod Law Group is ready to serve youhelpsr needs. Attorney Kaushik Ranchod has a Juris Doctor from the University of California Hastings, has been admitted to the California Supreme Court, and advises small to Fortune 500 companies. He has been named to the Trojan Wall of Fame. He has also been a member of the Foreign Nurse Task Force, which works to advocate for favorable healthcare immigration legislation. He has spoken on immigration law at the 2009 HRStar conference in Los Angeles, California, and at the 2008 National Summit on Employment Law and Compliance.

Ranchod Law Group’s immigration lawyer, Melissa Oklan, is a former associate attorney at a leading Miami law firm and represented clients at both master and individual hearings. She has also prepared applications for advance permission to return to an unrelished domicile, waivers of grounds of inadmissibility, and representation in cancellation of removal proceedings.

About the author

Whether you’re looking to hire an immigration lawyer or just want to learn more about the immigration process, you’ll find that Kaushik Ranchod is a highly knowledgeable professional. With a career that began as a litigator for an employment law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, he went on to help companies in the Fortune 500 with recruitment and employment discrimination cases. Today, he’s a member of the American Immigration Law Foundation and a member of the South Asian Bar Association in Northern California.

Ranchod is admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for Northern and Eastern California. He is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyer’s  Association. In addition to his legal experience, he’s been recognized for his knowledge of the legal system and is a featured speaker at HRStar conferences and immigration seminars.


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