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Using double-wire metal frames, Kuboraum EYEWEAR offers eyewear for all ages and sizes. The brand also offers masks and the LUMIERE Series.


Founded in Berlin in 2012, Kuboraum is an eyewear brand with a difference. A concept brand, it uses Italian artisanal craftsmanship and the best materials to create eyewear that is both innovative and functional.

Kuboraum’s mission is to redefine the relationship between an individual and their eyewear while promoting green initiatives through tree planting. The brand’s like eye-oo.com ranges from edgy to intricate. The company also offers a Kuboraum Artist Residence.

Kuboraum has attracted some of the world’s top eyewear connoisseurs. Designers like Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi, along with engineer Antonio Pincin, are behind the brand. The designs are highly experimental. They push the boundaries of designer opticals and feature textural detailing and avant-garde forms.

Kuboraum’s flagship store is located in the same building as its studio. In addition to the brand’s wares, a multimedia installation by Dj Red can be found inside the store. The store is located at the juncture of East and West Berlin. Kuboraum also has a signature collection, including its signature Kuboraum sunglasses. These unique sunnies are made in Italy and have no logo.


Founded in the Belluno valleys of Italy, Kuboraum is a nonconformist eyewear brand. Its designs are a fusion of German inspiration and Italian craftsmanship. It has attracted the likes of A-list eyewear connoisseurs. Its flagship store is located in Berlin, the eyewear capital of the world.

Kuboraum’s eyewear and Sunwear lines are divided into the acetate and metal collections. The acetate lines are characterized by their irregularly shaped frames while the metal ones are more in the classical sense. The metal collections are comprised of fine-rimmed glasses. The eyewear itself is the stuff of dreams.

Kuboraum’s most successful models feature the latest technologies including carbon fiber, titanium, and micro carbon fiber composites. They boast a unique surface texture dubbed the Kuboraum gloss. The glassware is scratch resistant. The slickest thing about the glasses is that they look great on everyone. A nifty feature is an ability to customize your frames and lens color choices.

A look at Kuboraum’s website will prove that the brand is the real deal. The website is well-designed with an engaging interface. It also features an interactive gallery of the latest and greatest in eyewear.


KUBORAUM eyewear, founded in 2012, is a German designer brand that makes masks, sunglasses, and other optical products. Its philosophy is to create bold, modern eyewear designs that highlight the wearer’s personality. The brand was created by artist Livio Graziottin and anthropologist Sergio Eusebi. Its Flagship Store is located in a former post office in Berlin.

KUBORAUM uses Italian craftsmanship and the Berlin spirit of creativity to create its unique optical products. Its designs are inspired by a “cubic room” where people can live their intimacy. Its collections also reflect the brand’s love of fine materials.

KUBORAUM has launched several series. The K10 sunglasses, for example, feature a modernist take on the round acetate style. The frame features subtle raised detailing on the end pieces. The K10 is available in China Blue translucent acetate. The glasses have a cat-eye outline, gold details, and slim rounded temples.

KUBORAUM also designs a line of sunglasses, the H10 series. The glasses feature a round acetate skeleton, a wire cat-eye outline, and gold details. The H10 also has a black acetate sleeve. These sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy.


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