Add Charm to Your House With Warm Christmas and New Year Decor Ideas

Christmas and New Year are the time of celebrating the past year and welcoming the new year in all good spirits. To celebrate the festival and set a proper mood at your house. Create a winter wonderland and add festive vibes to each corner of your home.

Make your festive dinners and celebration more joyous with perfect Christmas decor which welcomes happy vibes. These minor elements can set you in a good mood. Also, don’t limit the scenery only to your living room. 

There are unique ways to build a festive mood in each corner of the house. Let’s have a look.

Entryway Decorating Ideas

The mood of festivals must kick in with the entrance. So, you can build or buy snowman and add a hat and muffler; it looks very cheerful. 

Go for a green and bushy wreath on the door with all sorts of red bells and welcoming colors. You can place a cute wooden table and place reindeer, Santa, and happy new year decorative pieces if the space allows. 

For the Perfect Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home. It’s a common shared space and can be decorated in many ways. Beautiful Christmas trees with all sorts of lights, balls, and decoration is a must. 

Decorate the fireplace with a pinecone wreath which is significant. You can also add Christmas and new year wall art for living room over the fireplace or other room walls. 

Wall arts like a canvas with festive colors and mood look very good.Give an eco-friendly look to your living room with handmade wall hangings from twigs and wooden logs, wreaths, and much more.

Decorate the Stairs

Create a green garland and wrap it around the staircase railing. Also, you can keep small gift boxes on the steps of the stairs.

Use large cutouts of words like ‘HOME,’ ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR,’ or anything that suits the festive vibes. You can use these cutouts to form words on the staircase steps.

The Dining Room

Decorate the table for the festive dinner with a mind-blowing centrepiece. Lay white cloth and tie white ribbons to the chair. Place some lustrous metallic candle holders with candles. 

Also, add lights for scented candles, wall sconces, or string lights.

Cozy Festive Bedroom

Create a winter wonderland by going for white. On top of it, place a large flower vase. Now, add cozy lights like string lights, scented candles. You can also hang a garland.

It would be best if you hung different holiday wreaths on all the house doors. It can be cotton, wooden, or green. Then, add red ribbons and accessorize them with festive elements.

Change the cushion cover to some festive colors and prints. Then, change the bedding to white and red. This small addition of cheerful colors will spruce up the new year and Christmas charm.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most precious space in the house. While preparing for all the delicacies, you must feel the festive vibe. So, you can use hanging lights near the windows. 

Place some Christmas greenery on your favorite displayed ceramics. Place a garland over the top cabinets. Also, you can hang a wreath on kitchen cabinets. Add lots of festive lights with greenery and ribbons. 


The outdoor space patio can never look over the top with Christmas decor. You can hang star-shaped lights, place a snowman, a small Christmas tree, and lots of bells, lights, balls, and decor. Add lights to outdoor plants, trees, hang boots with flowers and make a cozy space.


The bathroom can’t be left without festive decor. Instead, you can add elements like red towels, a small Christmas tree near the washbasin and pretty lights. A one or two factors will look sufficient for this place.

Some Quick Decorative Elements for the Occasion

  • Add colors like white, red, green in linens, layerings, curtains, and cushions.
  • Also, you can use the new grey, black and white theme and add silver and golden accessories.
  • Use lots of garlands, wreaths, pines and create a natural and festive tone.
  • Use different kinds of warm and dim light to set the perfect mood.
  • Use Christmas new year banners, and incorporate them uniquely.
  • Use traditional symbols like snow, snowman, reindeers, Santa, wreaths, socks gracefully in your home.


Let’s Wrap it

So, pick your favorite ideas and incorporate them in different areas of your house to set an excellent festive tone. The little details show your hard work and make you appreciate the times even more. 

So, give a quick revamp to your house for welcoming the new year and celebrating the past year. The visual appeal will amaze you and your guests. 

In addition, the decor in every room adds a sense of completion and doesn’t make other rooms feel dull. So, get going and give a gorgeous makeover to your home.


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