Advantages of Synthetic Grass

When you think of synthetic grass, the image that comes to mind is typically that of an extravagant fake “grass” that is left on the desired location, usually near a swimming pool. For many years, artificial turf was used on numerous sports fields, but it has recently become popular in residential landscaping applications as well.

Advantages of Synthetic Grass

In fact, there are now many areas around the country where this product is being applied. Even though artificial grass in Dubai requires no maintenance, homeowners should still take steps to make sure that their fake grass does not end up costing them money by becoming unhealthy or unattractive. Here are some important tips to help homeowners with their fake grass installation:


Many homeowners mistakenly think that installing artificial turf or any other type of synthetic grass involves some sort of science. They may believe that they can simply drive tractor-trailer-sized trucks across the country, spread the material, and then sit back and let it grow. The truth is that artificial grass in installation is much different than typical home gardening because of various factors. Because artificial turf is meant to be used in confined spaces, homeowners must take steps to ensure that they create the proper environment for their new product.

Low maintenance grasses

One of the main differences between traditional lawns and fake grass is infill. Traditional lawns are generally made from low-maintenance grasses that require very little upkeep. This means that homeowners will not need to water very often or take much time to keep it looking its best. Artificial turf on the other hand requires very low maintenance because it is not watered and is installed over a substrate – in this case, infill – which can be washed as often as needed without concern for drying out or browning.

The perfect alternative to expensive natural grass

Artificial grass can be used on a smaller scale than traditional lawns or golf courses. In indoor sports facilities, its primary use is on the practice and athletic field. Since stadiums must be kept dry and clean, fake grass is the perfect alternative to expensive natural grass. Many stadiums also install artificial turf made with a polyethylene material, which can withstand heat and moisture. Another advantage is that it requires less maintenance than natural grass, which is what indoor sports facilities need.

Usable in all climates

A major problem with most artificial surfaces is that they are usable in all climates. If the turf has to be used in a hot or humid climate, the design of the infill makes it more susceptible to damage from heat and humidity. When the turf heats up or dries out, water seeps into cracks in the infill and shrinks the grassroots. This causes the entire pitch to fall apart, meaning that the turf is unusable in the long run. Homeowners interested in installing turf that is suitable for a hot or humid climate should purchase infill that is made with a polyethylene backing which is resistant to heat and moisture.


One advantage of installing artificial turf in a professional sports stadium is that the material is waterproof. Many professional teams play outside during the summer because the natural grass is too easily damaged by rain or the sun. By installing artificial turf that is resistant to heat and moisture, a team can play virtually year-round in any climate. Whether a team plays in a dome or another large stadium. Artificial turf will keep its pitch pristine and safe for the players.

Sporting facilities

Many professional sporting facilities use synthetic grass, either on their courts or for practice. It’s no surprise that they have seen such low-maintenance properties. A tennis court, for example, doesn’t need its infill replaced all that often. The fibers can stretch and wear down without causing any harm. Other types of courts, including baseball diamonds and football fields, will need their infill replaced annually.


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