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Anniversary Gift Ideas As Per Recipient

Anniversary is a celebrated occasion. The couple of the hour throws a party to mark the day of their union with their dear ones. It’s a day to party and bless the couple. You always look forward to the anniversary celebration and be with your loved ones but you are also worried about the gifting gesture.

Gift-giving on an anniversary is a gesture of showering the couple with your love and warmth. However, what gift will be suitable for the couple is the hard part to decide. We have decoded some anniversary gifts for her as per the trend.

  • Parents:
  • As children’s parents’ anniversary is a special milestone to celebrate. You put in a lot of effort to plan the perfect surprise. Because you were not there in the marriage, you try to recreate the same moments in order to live that. Therefore, the anniversary gift for them should be a reflection of their marriage.
  • Picture Frame: Handmade a picture frame with their marriage photograph, Design the frame as per your imagination and paste the picture from their wedding album. You can write lines in their honour on the frame.
  • Gold-Plated Idol: Let your parents seek the blessings of the almighty as they complete one more year of marriage. Grace them with a gold-plated or silver-plated idol of the deity they worship. Pray for many more years of togetherness for them
  • Flower Box and Cake: Surprise your parents or parents-in-law on their anniversary with a beautiful flower gift and anniversary cake. This is one of the popular Floweraura anniversary gifts.
  • Couple’s Shirts: Nobody is too old for a couple’s shirts! This is a fun yet thoughtful gift to parents on their wedding anniversary. There have been many examples online. From quirky one-liners to witty puns, there are many ways you can design a couple’s shirts. You can opt to have it printed with a personalized touch or maybe something funny! This will make a memorable and special gift they will surely cherish. Be sure to make these with quality heavyweight cotton t-shirts so they can last for a long time.

  • Spouse:
  • Completing a year with your partner surely feels lovely and blissful. On the anniversary day, you are filled with love for each other. Choose to say I Love You with these gift ideas.
  • Snowglobe: Go down on one knee and propose to your spouse with a couple snow globe. Make all her fairytales come true on the anniversary with this gift. It will be a romantic gesture for her
  • Raise a Toast: Order couple champagne glasses and raise a toast on your anniversary. Spent the night with each other while you drink and dance
  • Photo gift: Any photo gift will do. Select lovely pictures for the photo gift. Pull me up zigzag love, explosion box, scrapbook, mini album are some of the options for you. You can order these gifts online or get them made from someone who is into arts and crafts
  • Lovers:
  • Celebrating an anniversary with your girlfriend/boyfriend gives you a mushy-mushy feeling. You feel high on love and wish to do all the love-filled gestures for each other. Incorporate this feeling into your gifting gesture and give these gifts that will do the talking on your behalf
  • Teddy Bear Chocolate Basket: A cute teddy bear holding a basket of heart-shaped chocolates will surely infuse sweet and adorable love into your anniversary and life
  • Greeting Card: If you believe in old-school love, go with something simple and impactful like a greeting card. Write down your feelings and hand them over to your lover. It will leave a lasting impression on his/her heart
  • Caricature: Lovers share a vibe that is a mix of naughtiness and love. Gift a caricature to compliment the rapport you share with your lover.
  • Friends:
  • Attending a friend’s anniversary party gives you next-level happiness. Seeing your friend happily married feels great. A thoughtful gift that your friend will cherish forever would be the ideal choice.
  • Couple Watch: Timeless gift for the friend couple. You can personalise the watches with initials or gift them a limited edition of a couple watch. If you know the brand they swear by, play safe by gifting the watches from the same brand
  • Assorted Hamper: An exotic hamper is certainly a nice gift choice for a friend’s anniversary party. You can add assorted cupcakes, chocolates, and other eatables. In the hamper, you can add other tokens like scented candles, grooming products, and personalised gifts
  • Subscription box: If the couple shares the same interest like love for coffee, a soft corner for fitness or any other activity, give them a subscription. A subscription of a coffee or a membership to a gym.

Now, give appropriate anniversary gifts and make the day even memorable for the couple.


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