Arabian Tours Dubai: The Arabic World Experience

An Arabian tour of Dubai is a sneak peek into the world of Arabian culture. On your next trip to Dubai, go on a Dubai Desert Safari to explore the desert landscape and get to know the evolving life of the Bedouins.

 Dubai Arabian Tour Activities 

An Arabian tour of Dubai is filled with a myriad of thrilling activities.

  • Dune Bashing

This is a form of off-road driving where you ride a 4-wheel drive vehicle such as a land cruiser. The activity involves driving over the sand dunes at various speeds and maintaining the car’s balance while going up and down the dune. It is an exciting way to explore the desert terrain.

  • Quad biking

Enjoy a thrilling Quad Biking Dubai tour in the desert terrain. You will ride your own bike and enjoy traversing through the sandy landscape.

  • Buggy Rides

Follow the natural desert trail in your own buggy and go on a fun offroad tour of the Arabian Desert. An instructor will guide you throughout this fun adventure.

  • Sand Boarding

Sandboarding involves riding a board through the sand and sliding down the slopes of the dunes. The activity makes for a thrilling experience as you go down the dunes.

  • Camel riding

Live the authentic Arabic experience with a fun camel ride and enjoy a slow tour of the vast desert landscape.

Your Typical Arabian Tour experience in Dubai

To begin your Arabian tours Dubai adventure, you will be picked up from your hotel in Dubai and  head over to the desert camp location at a desert conservation reserve. First, experience an exciting dune bashing session in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. You can take part in other adventurous activities such as quad biking, buggy rides and sand boarding. Try camel riding to add on to the Arabic cultural experience.

Later, head to the Bedouin style camp decorated in true Arabic fashion. After the sun sets, settle down for a relaxed evening. You will enjoy a 3-course barbeque dinner and get a taste of Arabic cuisine. Enjoy dinner amid live entertainment from local performers with their skillful belly and tanoura dances. Later you will head back to your hotel in Dubai.

Dubai Arabian Tour packages

Morning Desert Safari

Explore the desert in the early morning starting with a dune bashing session. For a traditional experience, go for a nice camel ride or get a henna tattoo. You can also enjoy Arabian cuisine with a delicious breakfast where you get to try various local dishes.

Evening Desert Safari

Your tour begins in the afternoon with dune bashing in a 4-wheel drive. Proceed to the Bedouin camp for more activities that include quad biking, sand boarding and camel rides. Immerse yourself in the Arabian atmosphere by trying Arabic costumes and getting henna tattoos. After watching the desert sunset, enjoy a barbeque dinner with local Arabic dishes. Entertainment is part of the package with belly dancing, fire shows and tanoura live show performances.

How to choose your Arabian Tours Dubai

Consider below factors when choosing your Arabian tours Dubai;

  • Budget

There are various tour packages available to fit your budget. For each option, check the list of inclusions to find out what the package covers such as food, drinks and transfers.

  • Activities

Activities offered vary depending on the tour package. Adventure activities such as quad biking and sandboarding may not be available in some tours.

  • Timings

Since the tours are available at different timings, choose the tour that best fits your planned itinerary. For instance, you can take a morning tour to free up your afternoon to visit other attractions.

Arabian Tours Dubai: Important information

  • Dune bashing is not allowed for infants, pregnant women and guests with back or neck problems
  • Wear comfortable and light clothing. For footwear, wear open toed shoes such as sandals to prevent sand from getting inside your shoes
  • Bring sunglasses, hats and sunscreen for protection from the sun
  • Listen to your instructor to avoid any accidents or unforeseen incidents

An Arabian tours Dubai is full of adventure and cultural experiences. It’s an amazing way to experience the ways of the Bedouins and have a taste of their lifestyle that has evolved through the years.


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