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Are go-karts safe for kids?

Racing is a great competitive sport as well as fun, but ensuring your child has fun is essential. Go-kart is a popular choice among kids and is an excellent activity for kids that offers numerous benefits. It is beneficial because it helps with developing confidence, responsibility, motor skills, socialization, and resilience. Parents and guardians keep questioning often: Are Go-Karts Safe for Kids? In this regard, what can be said is that Kart, or Go-Cart, racing is a great way for anyone wishing to break into car racing. Children adapt well to Kart racing, and it is suitable for a child, even around six.

Age restrictions for go-karting

The point to be noted is that there are no age restrictions on kids riding karts around at home, but all karting tracks have minimum height and minimum age restrictions. The majority require a child to be at least eight years old to use their go-karts. Some cater to kids as young as four years old. The tracks have sections specifically designed for younger riders as well as low-powered karts safe for little kids to use. Riders aged 8 to 13 years old can use higher-powered karts called cadet karts, which are faster than the karts used by younger kids but are not as fast as the ones used by adults. If you are wondering whether children are even allowed to drive a go-kart, we can say that typically, people who go go-karting are required to show a driver’s license in order to race. But you will also get the availability of kid-friendly go-karts and tracks perfectly suited for minors.

Junior go-kart tracks have engines much less powerful, and kids can safely drive them. The tracks are simpler, so there isn’t a need for technical skill requirements. Junior go-kart tracks further divide for-kid tracks into different age brackets as follows:

  • Kid: Ages 5 to 7
  • Cadet: Ages 7 to 12
  • Junior: Ages 12 to 15
  • Senior: Ages 15 to 18

The differences lie in the size of the go-kart and the engine’s horsepower rating. The point worth noting is that the size and power of the go-kart increase when you progress from choosing a kid bracket to a senior one. Also, the point to be noted here is that just because the child meets the age requirements, you cannot let them race. There are several benefits to go-karting at an early age, but what you shouldn’t forget is that there are other considerations, too.

Other considerations before letting your child go go-karting

For kid go-karts have set age limits but take into consideration other factors involving child, including their height. Some children meet the age required for a certain bracket, but the ones failing to meet the height requirement should not be allowed to race. Opt for a smaller kart for your child if it’s possible.

Also, ensure that you are sure about their motor skills. Driving any vehicle requires a certain level of dexterity and coordination. So, ensure that you are informed about your child’s motor skills before making any decision.

Also, be sure that the child possesses the ability to focus. Go-karting requires drivers to be constantly aware of the track and other drivers on it, and it proves to be a potentially hazardous activity, especially when the child is unable to pay attention to their surroundings.

Their enjoyment of the activity: Finally, don’t forget to consider your child’s enthusiasm for go-karting. You don’t want to be forcing them into an activity that they don’t actually derive any joy from. How to ensure go-karting safety

Although the risks are relatively low, there is a need to choose from several steps to make it even safer for your child.


Despite the concerns, note that riding a go-kart is very safe for kids. It’s worth choosing go-karting because it uses low power, and the speed of the karts is optimal as well for children’s use, so the risk of injury is pretty low. All you need to take into consideration is the right safety precautions!

For example, you can be certain that a BERG Go Kart is high-quality and safe, as the Dutch manufacturer is internationally renowned for creating excellent outdoor play equipment.


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