Are Old Diamonds Worth More In Frisco?

Are old diamonds worth more in Frisco? Old jewelry with diamonds may be considered antique but their value would still depend on the diamond and not on how many years they exist. An antique diamond can be rated by its popularity, rarity, and sentimental value. For instance, diamond heirlooms may be valuable for the family but have no value when put to market. Old diamonds that are rare on the other hand can cost a lot not because they exist for a long time but because they are rare and their attributes can be equal to a high price. You can check rare diamond rings by in Frisco if you are looking for authentic rare diamonds. 

How Do I Find Out How Much My Ring Is Worth?

Approaching an expert can be the best way to find out the accurate worth of your ring. You can also check your rings attributes on the internet and can use the diamond prices chart on the internet to have an idea about the pricing. There are several factors to consider to get the exact value of your old ring:

Worth of the Center Stone 

Rings have different kinds of diamonds on the center stone. The worth of the diamond can be evaluated by grading them. Either by the 4cs or points system. The most popular method used in evaluating diamonds is by following the grading or points system of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society (AGM). Although diamonds are evaluated before you bought them and even have a certificate, rings are re-evaluated once you plan to resell them since they actually have lesser value than the original price. 

Diamonds Certificates 

Check on the diamond certification is always done by the evaluator if you present your diamond ring to them. For every piece of jewelry with a diamond, a certification always comes with it. The certification shows the carat weight, clarity grade, color, and cut quality of the diamonds. By checking in the details the evaluator can use this as a basis for the depreciation of the diamond. GIA-certified diamonds usually get a higher buying price. 


The metals used in the diamonds are also included in pricing your ring since your diamonds are mounted in metal. The metal is included in the evaluation and pricing of the ring. The purity of the metal is used as a basis in pricing it. Metal’s prices fluctuate now and then so this can affect the price of your ring, if the value of your metal is high during the time you plan to sell it then you can get a higher offer and vice versa.  

Age of the Ring 

The age of the ring can put a higher price on the ring. Especially if they are decades old or more. Specialization on diamonds is needed to check on the worth of vintage rings with diamonds so they can verify and check the age of the ring. 

How Can You Tell If It’s A Real Diamond?

By evaluating and assessing diamonds using proper tools a diamond buyer will be able to tell if the diamonds are real or not. Most diamond buyers are equipped with tools that they can use to check the authenticity of the diamond. So make sure to always deal with legit diamond buyers so you can get the highest offer and be able to have your diamonds evaluated properly. 

Do Diamonds Hold Their Value? 

Only rare diamonds can uphold their values. Diamonds may be pricey bi once they are sold again their price decreases. That is the sad truth, so before selling your diamond ring better think twice. 

So Are old diamonds worth more in Frisco? That depends on the attribute of the diamonds. Taking this into consideration the factors can tell the real value of the diamond that you have. Having their certifications can also be a big help in getting the value of the diamond ring. Before you sell them make sure that you know their grades as well as the whole details of the ring so you can get the highest offer from your buyer. Remember you can not be able to sell an item unless you know its worth and origin, be a wise seller.



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