Atomic Wallet Review: Will It Suit Your Needs?

Many beginners underestimate the importance of safe crypto storage and leave their coins right on their accounts on exchanges. Nevertheless, finding a secured and handy solution is one of the first steps for any trader. Thus, we would like to familiarize you with a universal platform, which supports both long-term storage and quick crypto buying/selling.

The main feature of this wallet is that it works as both a hot and a cold wallet. In other words, one can utilize it as a hot online wallet for active trading, which involves quick access to one’s assets and immediate transaction processing. In practice, it works similarly to an online exchange and allows buying/selling/exchanging a diverse variety of crypto although there is no proprietary trading platform and charting functionality. Meanwhile, there is also an opportunity to transfer crypto to offline cold storage, which is installed on one’s computer (or another gadget) and is not connected to the Internet for the sake of protection from hacking attacks.

Now, look through the list of its most essential features to form a complex opinion:

  •         over 300 crypto coins and tokens, as well as 18 fiat assets, are supported;
  •         prompt exchanging of crypto for fiat currencies and vice versa plus exchanging tokens and coins with each other;
  •         5–10% rewards for staking;
  •         its own token — AWC;
  •         a loyalty program, which includes discounts and cashback on transaction fees;
  •         quite reasonable fees compared to competitors — 2–5% ($10 as a minimum);
  •         absence of centralized control;
  •         confidentiality — it requests no ID copies or personal/contact information except for a photo (as a result, 2FA authentication is not provided);
  •         no custody — a user obtains full control over his wallet and full responsibility for the safety of his password and seed phrase.

To make our Atomic Wallet review even more informative, let us provide you with step-by-step instructions on its use:

  1. Go to its website and download the version designed for your operating system.
  2. Install and start the app.
  3. Create and insert the password.
  4. Write down or copy the seed phrase generated for you.
  5. To perform any operation, for example, buy crypto, find it in the main menu, which is displayed on the left.
  6. On the right, you will see the full list of coins and tokens available along with relevant prices and other details.

In sum, Atomic Wallet is a good option for you in case you are focused on a buy-and-hold approach in the first place although it offers buying/selling opportunities as well. However, to those interested in active short-term speculations, we recommend turning attention to an online exchange like Coinbase.

Final say

Atomic Wallet serves as one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, which helps traders send and receive a variety of cryptocurrencies. The secure platform Atomic Wallet offers the best cost, coin and token support. In addition to the security and the ability to purchase cryptocurrency directly within the wallet, it is free to use except for the network transaction fees. The cold wallet type saves all the data and passwords on the user’s digital equipment. Atomic Wallet is highly beneficial in offering the best technical support, extensive crypto support, security, and anonymity. 



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