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Australian Psychologist Kamia Harris

If you’ve been searching for an Australian Psychologist, you’ve likely come across the name Kamia Harris. She is a renowned therapist and works for Strategic Psychology. Despite her impressive credentials, this article will introduce you to this professional. There are 42 views, but no reviews. Read on to learn more about Kamia. Her background and expertise are diverse, making her an excellent choice for a psychological consultation.

Kamia Harris is an Australian Psychologist

Kamia Harris is a Psychologist who works in the Mental Health Care industry. She has extensive experience working in various settings, including the Department of Defence, La Trobe University and the Australian Psychological Society. She is trained in a variety of psychological techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She has particular interests in neuroscience research and positive psychology, and uses mindfulness-based techniques as part of her treatment.

Kamala Harris is a leading proponent of reform in the US and is a former law-enforcement officer. Her progressive stance is viewed as inauthentic in her home state, but she has proven her clout by taking a front-row seat in the racial reckoning in the US. She has used her massive microphone to call for changes in police practices and called for the arrest of officers involved in the death of a black woman. Her focus on racial justice has been a great source of pride for Harris and she is a strong voice for change.

She works for Strategic Psychology

Dr. Kamia Harris works for Strategic Psychology, a company in the Mental Health Care industry. She has received international recognition for her work and is respected for her scholarship. Her recent projects focus on the assessment of educational systems in Third World countries, particularly those of Latin America and Africa. Her colleagues admire her commitment to her work and the work of her organization. Below, she shares some of her accomplishments and advice for those interested in working in this field.

Kamia is registered as a psychologist in Australia in 2000. She has since worked in various sectors including the Department of Defence, Australian Psychological Society, the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health, and community health. She has extensive experience in counselling, mental health intervention, and critical incident response. In addition to this, she has experience in organisational training, critical incident response, and advisory roles. She also enjoys reading about and applying new techniques in the field.

She has 42 views and no reviews

Although her record as a prosecutor has garnered praise from across the political spectrum, her unpopular narrative has prompted many critics to question her judgment. Leftists have lambasted her for failing to investigate officer-involved shootings, her promotion of anti-truancy laws, and her emphasis on punishing quality of life crimes. Moderates and centrists, on the other hand, reassured themselves by pointing out Harris’ extensive experience and record.


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