Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Women should prioritize their physical and psychological health. If they experience usual signs such as foul-smelling discharge and irritation, they should consult a gynecologist in Islamabad. The symptoms may indicate a serious illness that requires medical attention. An early diagnosis helps in quick recovery without further complications. The specialist will conduct tests to diagnose the problem and identify the cause to treat accordingly.

Bacterial Vaginosis and Its Symptoms

The overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina causes itching and vaginal discharge. It can be caused due to sexual contact and is common in females between the age of eighteen to thirty-five. Treatment can help the patient recover. However, if the person does not take treatment, it can lead to complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include:

  • The person can notice unusual vaginal discharge with a foul smell.
  • The color of the discharge appears grayish.
  • The patient experiences a burning sensation while urinating.
  • The patient suffers from constant itching near the vagina.

Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis

The known causes of bacterial vaginosis are:

  • The overgrowth of the naturally present bacteria in the vagina can lead to BV.
  • If lactobacilli bacteria are not present, the person may suffer from bacterial vaginosis.
  • Douching can cause the person to suffer from bacterial vaginosis,
  • Women with multiple sex partners are at a higher risk of suffering from bacterial vaginosis.

Complications Associated with Bacterial Vaginosis

The complications that correlate with the condition include:

  • Pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis are at a higher risk of giving birth before the due date. Additionally, the weight of the babies is low, which may lead to multiple problems.
  • Women suffering from BV are at a higher risk of contracting infections such as; HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes.
  • The women are at a higher risk of infection after any abdominal surgery.
  • The patient may suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease. It can lead to infertility because of the infection in the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures to reduce the chances of suffering from BV are:

  • Women should avoid using soaps and other products with strong chemicals and it may lead to infection and inflammation.
  • Women should not use scented pads with plastic covering, as they increase the chances of BV and other infections.
  • Women should not overclean the vagina by using soaps and other products, as it may cause distortion in the pH levels, which leads to bacterial vaginosis.
  • Women should avoid sexual intercourse with multiple partners if diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis.
  • Using latex condoms can help reduce the chances of transmission of infection from one person to another.

Tests to Diagnose Bacterial Vaginosis

The tests that help diagnose women with bacterial vaginosis are:

  • The doctor will consult a pelvic exam by inserting the finger to detect any signs that indicate bacterial vaginosis.
  • The microscopic examination of vaginal secretions helps detect the presence of bacteria. The test involves collecting the secretion to check if the vaginal cells are covered with bacteria, causing the person to suffer from the symptoms.
  • The vaginal pH test helps check the abnormality in the levels. If the pH is above 4.5, it is a sign that the person is suffering from bacterial vaginosis.

Effective Treatment Options

The treatment options include:

  • Use of Nitroimidazoles: The medications help control the growth of the bacteria causing the person to suffer from the symptoms. The gel is applied to the vagina to reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • Use of Antibiotics: Antibiotics creams are directly used on the vaginal region to control bacterial growth.

Women who exhibit symptoms correlating to BV should consult the best gynecologist in Lahore. The specialist will diagnose the illness and determine the cause. Additionally, the doctor will help the patient take precautionary measures to minimize the chances of reoccurrence and to avoid complications.



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